Extreme Soundtracks Vol. 3: Pro BMX Rider Dylan Devitt

Extreme Soundtracks Vol. 3: Pro BMX Rider Dylan Devitt

Extreme Soundtracks is a column profiling professional extreme sports athletes and the role music has played in their life

Created by twin sisters Stefanie and Suzanne Sanchez


Professional BMX rider Dylan Devitt is flying high, defying gravity, and listening to Sticky Fingers while he’s doing it.

TP: Thank you for meeting with us! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
DD: I am from a small town in Queensland, Australia called Kingaroy! My life hasn’t changed too much from when I started riding to now. All I have done since I started is ride every single day I could because there is no better feeling. The only time I ever get to really hang out with my mates or family and explore a little is when I’m injured and can’t ride (laughs). But my whole world is riding, and I couldn’t think of doing anything different. My food, my sleep, everything is in place so I can ride better for longer. 

TP: You’re one of the top athletes in the BMX world. How did this come about and how long have you been riding?
DD: My life for the last 7 years has revolved around riding my bike and just having the most fun in the world. But the last year has been spent in a competitive training mode at RWilly Land (action sports training facility created by Ryan Williams, a professional BMX rider from Australia).

Every single day [I try] to be the best I can be on my bike. It has paid off because I just got on the Aussie tour with the Freestyle Kings. We have been insane doing live shows every weekend for 2 or 3 months with a bunch of my favorite riders. None of it feels real at all, it feels like I am just watching a YouTube video haha. 

TP: Greatest challenges in this dangerous sport?
DD: To be honest never really had any challenges, or I’m sure I have but riding is the most enjoyable thing in the world to me, so nothing ever feels too hard. Even when it is hard it’s just so fun and I’m smiling the whole way, so everything happens pretty easy.

I am super calculated and sure of myself before I try anything new because things can go very bad very quick if you get too carried away as I learned the hard way.

TP- So far biggest highs of your career? 
Dylan-For sure being a part of the Freestyle Kings Team, and Riding Nitro World Games (basically like the X-Games). Also landing my first ever world’s first “Nothing Front Bike Flip Body Varial”. This took a lot of practice, which took me 11 days and 700 attempts to land at “RWilly land” which is Ryan Williams private compound. Being on the Freestyle Kings Team is amazing and we have 5 shows left of this Aussie tour, then more next year!

TP: What would you like to conquer in the future?
DD: To win more X-Games gold medals then anyone. And just one day be better than the guy that I grew up watching, my favorite rider & and the guy who taught me everything I know, Ryan Williams! Haha! Because he is the number one in the world, so if I have gotten this far why can’t I get that far? Especially with all of his help!

TP: Music. What gets you hyped?
DD: I love Sticky Fingers, and I love all the Ed Sheeran, Spacey Jane, and Morgan Wallen type lovey music. I literally have ridden to Ed Sheeran my whole life. Everyone bags me out for it but just singing to Ed’s music gets me so pumped because I love singing so much and I know every world to nearly all his songs and it allows me to never get nervous to try anything if I’m just singing because I love it. 

TP: Fav concert and show you’d like to see?
DD: I went to Ed Sheeran live last year and was the coolest thing in the world. I would love to see Coldplay live, imagine! They have the coolest production ever and there music live would be insane!

TP: You ever crowd surf/ or stage dive?
DD: Yeah, I have at some random festival. But it’s too dangerous and if I get hurt by someone dropping me I can’t ride so it was a one and done moment, just so I could say I’ve done it.

TP: Three guilty pleasures ?
DD: I have cookies and milk every night. When I land a new trick, I can’t stop watching the clip over and over for like a whole day. Also, I love flirting with girls, but I hope I get over it soon because I would like a wife and kids someday! 

TP: Anything you want to shout out to your fans?
DD: Seriously anything is possible, a few years ago I was in the crowd and watching all my favorite riders on YouTube before school and now I am mates with most of them and ride with them every day! Just do not give up no matter what anyone says, if you really want it, I promise it will work just keep trying!