Extreme Soundtracks Vol. 7: Lady Meek

Extreme Soundtracks Vol. 7: Lady Meek

Extreme Soundtracks is a column profiling professional extreme sports athletes and the role music has played in their life.

Created by twin sisters Stefanie and Suzanne Sanchez

Lady Meek is a world-class skateboarder rising to the top of her game. Her surfer-style with a raw, edgy vibe is infectious as she hones in on her positive vibes and driven direction. This week, the Pier chatted with her about skateboarding and loving life.

Courtesy of @cadencaptures

TP: Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re from and how old you are?
LM: I was born in Texas and grew up back and forth between Texas and Costa Rica. I am 23 years old.

TP: Is skateboarding your full-time job? What inspired you to get into professional skateboarding?
LM: Besides skateboarding, I am also a freelance coder. I do front-end and backend website development and database work.

I got into skateboarding from surfing. When I lived in Costa Rica, I was really into competitive surfing. I perforated my eardrum and had to stay out of the water a few months and that led to me trying skateboarding. I fell in love with it immediately and it kind of just grew from there the past few years. One thing turned into the next and now I’m where I am now.

TP: Who are your sponsors? Who would you like to get sponsored by?
LM: My sponsors are Krooked Skateboards, Lakai, Independent Trucks, Mob Griptape, Spitfire, 187 Killerpads, Triple 8 Helmets. 

I would love to get sponsored by an acai bowl spot or a matcha company or maybe Skull Candy would be sick.

TP: What’s the scariest experience you’ve had in this sport so far?
LM: The scariest experience was when I fainted from a hematoma on my hip that was pressing on an old pelvic fracture I had. The scary part was fainting. That had never happened to me before.

Courtesy of Tim Aguilar

TP- Your favorite alt/punk/reggae bands?
LM: I really like Amyl and the Sniffers, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Tash Sultana, and Sneaks.

For reggae, pretty much all the classics like Bob Marley and Sister Nancy. My favorite song is Uptown Top Ranking by Althea and Donna.

TP-Favorite music to ride to? Dream artists to see, either dead or alive?
LM: I’ll skate to anything. Blondie, The Cure, and New Order are always a hit.

For shows I really love folk and country. If I could go back in time, I’d absolutely love to go to a Waylon Jennings show. Gone too soon.

TP: Three guilty pleasures?
LM: Yerba Mate, Mango Sticky Rice Ice Cream from Stella Jean’s in Carlsbad/SanDiego and Pickles.

TP: Its there something you have not conquered yet that you’re dying to do or accomplish?
LM: I’d love to keep putting out video parts and maybe have one on Thrasher one day. Just want to keep progressing and filming!

Courtesy of @lauren_brooke_photography

TP- Being a female in this sport, you have to be stronger than ever mentally/physically. What advice do you give to girls thinking about getting into skateboarding?
LM: Just keep doing it because you love it and because it’s fun to get out and land tricks and make memories with your friends. Don’t listen to the haters and keep doing you. If you’re having fun on your skateboard, then you’re doing great.

TP- Something we don’t know about you and something you’d like to advocate for?
LM: I’m really into embroidery and art! I have an embroidery Instagram @ladysembroidery where I make fun little embroideries on mine and my friends’ clothes.

I advocate for women in skateboarding. Pushing the progression of the sport for the ladies and being creative and true to yourself. And just treating everyone with love and kindness.

TP: Words of inspiration?

LM: “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you” – Dr Seuss