Fat Mike and Mad Caddies To Release Ska-Punk Cover Album

Fat Mike and Mad Caddies To Release Ska-Punk Cover Album

California ska-punk band Mad Caddies are set to release Punk Rocksteady, a 12 track record of punk songs covered in ska style that will officially drop on June 15th, 2018. The album will be released through Fat Wreck Chords and features a songlist hand-picked by Fat Mike and covered by the Caddies with guest appearances by members The Interrupters & The Skints.

The only song currently available for streaming is their take on Green Day’s “She.” The album can be pre-ordered through Fat Wreck Chords and will be available in CD, LP & Digital format on June 15th, 2018. mad-caddies

Chuck Robertson, vocals and guitar for the Mad Caddies, said this of the record: “We wanted this to be a cohesive album that, even if you are not a fan of punk, you could throw on and enjoy. We had a grand vision that we needed to have four-to-six sounds on here. We needed to have traditional ska, super horn-heavy dancehall songs, reggae, SoCal stuff, and we needed to have something new and weird that we could make our own.” “This has been one of [Fat Mike’s] dream projects for a long time,” added guitarist Sascha Lazor.”

Punk Rocksteady re-frames the past 40 years of punk history into a lighter tone of new perspective. “If the song’s good, it can be played in any genre and do the song justice,” says Robertson. The album was recorded entirely at Motor Studios in San Francisco, CA, under the “spiritual guidance” of Fat Mike. It includes covers of Misfits, Descendents, Operation Ivy, Propagandhi, Bad Religion, Green Day, Against Me!, and more.

Sascha Lazor, guitar/banjo for the Mad Caddies, said “This has been one of [Fat Mike’s] dream projects for a long time.” He went on to say that reworking the songs into original takes caused more band introspection than would be expected. This so called “fresh perspective on writing songs” could hopefully lead to new original Caddies soon.

Bass player Graham Palmer told The Pier that the record will also feature guest vocals by Aimee Interrupter of The Interrupters and Joshua Waters Rudge of The Skints. Aimee and Josh are both featured on the Operation Ivy cover of “Sleep Long,” while Aimmee is also featured covering NOFX’s “She’s Gone.”

2018 is year 23 for the Mad Caddies, who have been touring and recording since the mid 1990s. In that time, they have accumulated 6 studio records and 2 live albums. Their music is some of the most unique in the ska-punk world, with influences stemming from folk, jazz, latin, hardcore punk, and soul.

Mad Caddies – Punk Rocksteady Track List:
MadCaddies_PunkRockSteady1.) Sorrow (Bad Religion Cover)
2.) Sleep Long (ft. Aimee Interrupter & Joshua Waters-Rudge — Op Ivy cover)
3.) She (Green Day Cover)
4.) …And We Thought That Nation-States Were a Bad Idea (Propagandhi cover)
5.) She’s Gone (ft. Aimee Interrupter — NOFX cover)
6.) AM (No Use For A Name cover)
7.) Alien 8 (Lagwagon cover)
8.) 2RAK005 (Bracket cover)
9.) Some Kinda Hate (The Misfits cover)
10.) Sink, Florida, Sink (Against Me cover)
11.) Jean Is Dead (Descendents cover)
12.) Take Me Home (Piss Off — Snuff Cover)

Watch: Mad Caddies – “She” (Green Day Cover)

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Article By: Aidan Leddy