FATHER OF THE VIBE Delivers Debut EP “A Thousand Words”

FATHER OF THE VIBE Delivers Debut EP “A Thousand Words”

If you are familiar with the band ECHO MOVEMENT, creators of the hits “I Think God Smokes Weed” and “Keep My Head High”, then you need to check out the new project from founder David Fowler called FATHER OF THE VIBE.

By The Reggae Plug

His debut EP, “A Thousand Words”, which ironically contains zero words, has just dropped on all platforms to kick off the summer. The absence of lyrics is quite powerful in a time when every artist is striving to craft catchy songs or convey messages. Some may overlook an instrumental album, and I understand that perspective, but in this case, I strongly urge you to open your mind and let this EP resonate with your soul. At four tracks, it’s a beautiful and quick listen.


The concept behind “A Thousand Words” draws from four classical pieces reimagined by Dave into a vibrant reggae rollercoaster of vibes. From smooth, chill keys to maniacal bass lines, this EP offers it all. What surprised me most, after multiple listens — and I’ve truly listened a lot — is how inspired I feel to create something each time it plays. Even as I write this, the EP is on loop, keeping me focused.

The artwork is crafted by the legendary Jay Alders, whose cover art is as simple and impactful as the music itself. Colin Bell, former bandmate of Echo and still a close friend, also collaborated on the EP, representing New Jersey well.

Add this to your summer playlist and let it bring you the same inspiration it has brought me.