Fayuca signs with Label!

Fayuca signs with Label!

The reggae-rock genre is just blooming in the music industry! With elements that incorporate punk, ska, and of course reggae-rock, Fayuca was bound to be recognized for their unique sound. Originating in Phoenix, Arizona, Fayuca recently signed with Fervor Records. Also getting their start in Phoenix, Fervor Records, a label since 1990, is known for their eccentricity in the type of artists they select for their label.

The exclusivity and specialty that Fervor Records brings to the table will allow Fayuca to continue to represent themselves through their charismatic stage presence they have been rocking away with for years. Fayuca’s reggae-rock sound, with a ska and punk feeling, are strongly wrapped around the Latin influence that makes them exceptional within the genre.

They have opened for acts like 311, Damian Marley, Nas, and The Dirty Heads and after relentless touring, their efforts and talents will be showcased by Fervor. CEO David Hilker has even commented on how the label is committed to putting the band out there on a national level. Fayuca and Fervor are not wasting anytime together as they are already in production with Fayuca’s fourth album release.

Fayuca will be celebrating their signing with Fervor Records on December 30 at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix playing with Sergio Mendoza and la Orkesta. They will also be jamming at the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Block Party in Tempe, Arizona on December 31. With other musical artists and DJs, Fayuca will be ringing in the New Year by celebrating downtown with football fans and Arizona locals. The event has been known to bring in over a million people, so for Tempe locals who are looking for some fun for New Years Eve, Fayuca will be rocking in the New Year!

Article By: Alyssa Torres
Photo By: IrieAZPhotos