Fayuca’s Barrio Sideshow Coming!

Fayuca’s Barrio Sideshow Coming!

Known as the Cross-Cultural Ska Punk outfit from The Arizona Barrio, Fayuca is gearing up for their May 7th release of their upcoming album, Barrio Sideshow. After 10 years as a group, the anticipation couldn’t be higher for the Latin influenced Reggae Rock trio…

As mentioned in our 2013 Most Anticipated Albums article, the album, Barrio Sideshow will be released on Fervor Records and was recorded at the Fervor Records’ Bomb Shelter. Fayuca utilized producer Ralph Patlan (Jamie Foxx, Megadeth) for their Fervor Records’ debut album.

Included in the 10 track release is the re-releasing of Fayuca’s fan favorite “Shoot It Up”. Only this time it will feature a guest appearance from Jason Devore of Authority Zero, (Who are also celebrating a new album on April 2nd). In addition to that song, Fayuca’s other track titled, “Por Que Seguir”, will be featured in a music video in May with MTV.

Featuring both English and Spanish lyrics, Gaberiel Solorzano, singer/guitarist of Fayuca, told The Pier: “Jeff and Dave at Fervor Records pushed us to our musical limit and later helped us surpass talents we never thought possible; working with Ralph was just the cherry to your Coke! We blended the elements we love most, Latin grooves, psychedelic tangents, Skate Punk and trippy Dub horns all complimented with soulful melodies and heart felt lyrics in English and Spanish!”

Barrio Sideshow comes out via Fervor Records on May 7th, 2013. You can pre-order the album by clicking HERE.

Upcoming Dates:
March 23rd @ McDowell Mountain Music Fest. Phoenix, AZ (w/The Roots, Iration)
April 2nd @ The Slidebar. Fullerton, CA
April 3rd @ Patrick Molloy’s. Hermosa Beach, CA
April 5th @ DiPiazza’s. Long Beach, CA
April 6th @ B Ryders. Bakersfield, CA
April 9th @ House of Blues. Anaheim, CA
May 3rd @ Martini Ranch. Scottsdale, AZ

Fayuca Links:
Fayuca Website
Fayuca Facebook

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Fayuca – “Dirty Girl” (Live at SSV Lab)