Fiction 20 Down Releasing New Singles

Fiction 20 Down Releasing New Singles

According to Maryland’s Fiction 20 Down, 2015 is the year of F20D and they plan on rewarding their fans with a new approach that includes new tracks, podcasts, interviews, videos & more, for every month of 2015.
Rather than releasing a new album in 2015, they will put out a new single for each month of 2015. In January, they released a new single titled “New York Thing”, an alternative hip-hop jammer that was followed by their February release of “Suburban Gangster (One Breath)”, that takes more of a Reggae-Rock approach while taking inspiration from the Baltimore Ravens lineman Marshal Yanda and “his ‘Embrace the Grind’ mentality, as noted in the lyrics early in the song.”

Fiction 20 Down is a an Alt. Rock band that incorporates Hip-Hop with some elements of Pop and Reggae fusion. As previously mentioned, they’re not only releasing new singles each month of 2015, but pod-casts with interviews and videos every month throughout the year. They want to invite music lovers in to get to know them and their music with a true-to-life look at the group around the new music they’re releasing. Their latest podcast highlights the guys recapping their Suburban Gangster Florida tour that includes a run-in with Johnny Law – Listen to their pod-cast HERE!

Follow Fiction 20 Down this year to see what new music they release over the next eight to nine months. We provided links to stream their two latest songs with “New York Thing” and “Suburban Gangster”. Look for additional links & videos below. Enjoy!

Take a listen to their January 2015 release of “New York Thing”

Take a listen to their February 2015 release of “Suburban Gangster”

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Article By: Mike Patti

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