Fiction 20 Down’s Next Album!

Fiction 20 Down’s Next Album!

Alt rock/hip-hop band Fiction 20 Down, has announced it’s second full-length album! But wait, there’s more, the Baltimore based band has also announced a tour across the East Coast at the end of April.

The new album, titled, Where’s the Levity?, is scheduled to be released on April 30th. And the best news? The album will be available as a FREE download for fans on the Fiction 20 Down website.

As seen below, the album’s cover embodies a bright and simple design, quite appropriate for the album title. The theme pervading throughout plays off of “life along the road less traveled”, which includes motifs like frustration, anxiety, love, and joy. Efren Rebugio Jr. effectively captured the title’s call for frivolity, shown below.

Lead vocalist, Jordan Lally, co-produced the album with mentor Drew Mazurek, known for his mixing with MTV, Linkin Park, and the Allman Brothers. Lally was especially enthusiastic about the band’s new addition of synth and keys to their work. “I will bring a song into the studio that I’ve sketched out on my acoustic guitar or a hiphop beat that I’ve put together and I will play it for the guys. From there we all jam and everyone puts their unique creative stamp on it.”

In terms of the music, the theme is captured through lead guitarist Wes Anderson’s comment, “[The LP] is an eclectic, upbeat sound chock full of hooks…you listen once, these songs will be stuck in your head.”

The first single off the LP, “Down Like Hip-Hop”, will gives fans a good taste of the style that the rest of the album will follow. A video for the single has already been filmed and directed by Rod Lopez from Independent Pictures, and will be released in early April. Contrary to the first single’s title, F20D are not just about hip-hop. Their style spans a few genres such as pop, alt rock, and reggae just to mention a few.

Fiction 20 DownWhere’s The Levity?
1.) Down Like Hip-Hop
2.) My Prisoner
3.) Mr. Sunshine
4.) Lead Me On
5.) Some Beautiful Days
6.) The Goodness
7.) Money Come, Money Go
8.) Need You To Know
9.) All Falls Down

Upcoming Shows:
April 24 @ Ocean Deck, Daytona Beach, FL
April 25 @ West End Trading Co, Sanford FL
April 27 @ E.R. Bradley’s Saloon, West Palm Beach, FL
April 28 @ The Standard, St. Augustine, FL
April 30 @ Jack Rabbits, Jacksonville, FL
May 2 @ The Boathouse, Myrtle Beach, SC
May 3 @ Bayside Bar & Grill, Virginia Beach, VA
May 4 @ Oceans & Ale, Williamsburg, VA
May 5 @ Sunset Cove, Bowleys Quarters, MD
May 10 @ Bankshots, Newark DE

Fiction 20 Down Links:
F20D Website
F20D Facebook
F20D Twitter

Article by: Erin Walsh