Florida Surf Championship with The Wailers

Florida Surf Championship with The Wailers

This October, surfing greats and musical legends will team up for one of the east coast’s top surfing competitions in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. With Kelly Slater’s hometown surfing spot not far away, other legends The Wailers will be providing the soundtrack as waves crash down.

Along with surfing, great music has gone hand in hand, and more specifically, reggae music has partnered with surfers and the biggest competitions for ages. The 2012 Florida Surfing Championship is just the latest in the long line of great events partnered with music, the United Surfing Federation and the Florida Surfing Association.

Some people might argue the ultimate surfing spots in the world, but the most iconic and recognizable surfer of all time, Kelly Slater, grew up surfing the east coast beaches on the Florida peninsula before becoming the only person ever to acquire both the titles of youngest, and also, the oldest surfing world champion. To be among the greats, this event will feature the best and brightest of the Florida surfing circuit and iconic musicians in the reggae field, The Wailers. Florida Surfing Association’s mission is to further the sport of surfing to their members, their families and throughout the State of Florida, and The Wailers could substitute surfing with music and garner the same mission statement for their purpose.

With great entertainment in the water, the fans on the sand will be in the presence of greatness with Aston “Family Man” Barrett on bass, displaying some of the more memorable bass lines and backing line for Bob Marley’s musical success, while performing in front of 24 million fans during live shows. For Florida’s Surfing Championship, this particular occasion brings a free performance during the competition, which could be the bargain on the century to take in the beach weekend this October in Jacksonville Beach.

The surf competition runs from October 4th to October 7th, 2012, and for the music enthusiasts, note the October 6th date with The Wailers headlining on Jacksonville Beach. More musical guests for the three-day entertainment showcase will be announced as the event nears.

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Article By: Kris Siuta
Photo By: David Norris