Fluid Foundation’s Guest Heavy Sophomore Album

Fluid Foundation’s Guest Heavy Sophomore Album

On May 5th, Fluid Foundation will release their second full length studio record, a rootsy inspired reggae album entitled, Slo Ryde. The release will include guest appearances by members of Stick Figure, Pepper, Iration, Fortunate Youth as well as Marlon Asher.

The album was recorded with producer Lew Richards at 17th Street Recording Studio in Costa Mesa, CA. The album will include 11 total tracks with 5 guest appearances including Marlon Asher, Kevin Offitzer of Stick Figure, Kaleo Wassman of Pepper, Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth, and Micah Pueschel of Iration — This will be Micah’s first time ever guest appearing on a song.

This is a surprising list of guest appearances for a group that has seemingly fallen under the radar with the general public since its inception. And what I mean by that is they’re not a regularly booked group on any reggae festivals nor do they have any extensive touring to their name opening up for well known groups. Based out of Oceanside, CA their trajectory appears to be in their evolving sound. It has caught the likable impressions of the aforementioned artists enough for them to contribute their time and artistry to the new record.FluidFoundation

The first guest appearance on the record was Dan Kelly on the song “All or Nothing” which helped further dialogue in approaching the rest. Scott Woodruff of Stick Figure was also targeted as a guest feature as a connection through Offitzer, who contributed drums to Foundation’s first record, but timing prevented that opportunity coming to fruition, however Offitzer returns to drum on Slo Ryde.

Kaleo Wassman will be featured on a song called “The Rush,” which he describes to The Pier as: “The pull between being Home and touring the world. It is an internal struggle people experience when doing what we do. I have always known that if you don’t give her (Music) everything, you don’t get anything. But the song can speak to all situations and complications as well. They wrote it very well. The melody and the words were flowing pretty quickly and a subject for all musicians to quickly understand.”

Iration’s guitarist/vocalist Micah Brown was featured on Fluid Foundation’s 2016 debut record with the song “Livin’ Carefree,” which was part of the connection that led to Micah Pueschel guesting on Slo Ryde. The song is called “”Margarita” and Pueschel apparently came into 17th Street to record his vocals the day after his birthday.

The band plans to take their show on the road for a regional run of dates this May where Marlon Asher will join them on the road to perform his collaboration of the song “Can’t Deny Love” which will also come accompanied by a music video. Marlon, along with Dan Kelly & Kaleo Wassman, will join Fluid Foundation for live performances of their songs on stage at the RASTA PAW Festival May 19th in Fallbrook, CA. The official release party will be May 12th with Marlon & Kaleo in attendance at Legacy Brewing Co. in Oceanside, CA.

The line-up of Fluid Foundation includes guitarist/vocalist Nick Dell, keyboardist Rob Eldon, bassist Junior Keith and drummer Ian Foreman. The group has their own Pandora station at Fluid Foundation Radio and singed a deal with Universal Music Group.

Fluid Foundation – Tracklist:
FluidFoundation_SlowRyde1.) Voodoo
2.) All or Nothin’ (ft. Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth)
3.) The Rush (ft. Kaleo Wassman of Pepper)
4.) Slo Ryde (ft. Kevin Offitzer of Stick Figure)
5.) Live My Life
6.) Rena
7.) Runaway
8.) Margarita (ft. Micah Pueschel of Iration)
9.) Burn Slo
10.) Can’t Deny love (ft. Marlon Asher)
11.) Constellations

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Article By: Mike Patti

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