Fortunate Youth’s Acoustic Album

Fortunate Youth’s Acoustic Album

For Fortunate Youth, Tuesday, December 18th, 2012, marks the official release date for the MoBoogie Loft Sessions with Fortunate Youth. This stripped down, acoustic album has been over two years in the making, through the live recordings and mastering of the album, courtesy of MoBoogie.

All of these exclusive jams were recorded live at the MoBoogie Loft located in Denver, Colorado. Dozens of artists have come through and blessed the MoBoogie stage while playing amazing acoustic jams of some of their best known songs, as well as debuting new ones. Such artists include SOJA, Tribal Seeds, Rebelution, Pepper, Iration, Fortunate Youth, Mike Pinto, Passafire, The Green, Seedless, The Movement, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, and many more have all been featured at one time or another.

Fortunate Youth’s manager and head of Warm Wind Management, Jared Segawa, told The Pier in regards to the new MoBoogie acoustic album, “This release will pretty much be all the songs from the MoBoogie recordings that you see on YouTube.”

MoBoogie’s very own, Justin Lamascus was able to provide some insight regarding the new release stating, “There are 13 tracks that are all from MoBoogie Loft Sessions, recorded at the old MoBoogie Loft in the Santa Fe Art District here in Denver that you see in the videos. The CD length is around 49 minutes, performed over three different MoBoogie sessions.”

The CD was produced by Drew Ryan, recorded by Sean Cauthorn and Justin LaMascus, and then mastered by Justin LaMascus. The album cover is a photo that was taken by Mike Davids in the alley behind the MoBoogie loft after one of Fortunate Youth’s sessions.

Check out a little taste of what you will be hearing on the NEW release below with a video recording from the loft sessions. Be sure to check out more awesome videos and exclusive songs at MoBoogie.

1.) MoBoogie Song (7-23-10)
2.) Trippin’ (7-23-10)
3.) Long One (1-24-11)
4.) Skankin’ (1-24-11)
5.) One Love (4-23-11)
6.) Burn One (7-23-10)
7.) Fire (4-23-11)
8.) Love Is The Most High (7-23-10)
9.) Push (7-23-10)
10.) Sweet Love (1-24-11)
11.) Be The Only One (1-24-11)
12.) Peace, Love, Unity (4-23-11)
13.) MoBoogie Blues (1-24-11)

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Article By: David Garcia
Photo By: Bill Colbridge

Watch: Fortunate Youth – “Love Is The Most Hight” Live @ MoBoogie (Denver, CO)