Fortunate Youth: Album Update!

Fortunate Youth: Album Update!

Fortunate Youth is set to release their debut full length album titled Irie State of Mind on July 1st, 2011. The South Bay, LA based group gave The Pier some info on the new 12 track release. Along with some guest appearances, take a look at the Album Cover, Track Listing & what the members had to say!

The album was recorded & produced at 17th Street Studios in Costa Mesa, CA with Lew Richards. Music was also recorded by Ben Cohen at Sky Blue studios in Los Alamitos, CA. “It was good times working with Ben and Lew. The environment was super mellow and Lew really knows what he’s doing and definitely handles business.” says Jered Draskovich, (Keys/Bass of Fortunate Youth). “I totally trusted Lew to capture the sound of what Fortunate Youth needed for the IRIE album” says Dan Kelly (Lead Vocals). This is the first release since their 6 track “Up-Lifted” EP.

1.) I.S.M
2.) Reggae Radio
3.) Trippin
4.) Alibi
5.) Skankin
6.) Love is the Most High
7.) Jah Music (Feat. Matt of Seedless)
8.) Melody
9.) Tossin
10.) Sweet Love
11.) Farmer (Feat. Juan Rios of Seedless)
12.) T.G.A.B. (Feat. Susie Liufau)

The 12 track debut album includes guest appearances by Matt Liufau & Juan Rios of Seedless along with Susie Liufau, sister of Matt, all on vocals. “Matthew has such a unique soulful and charismatic voice. He is one of the only guys whose singing can give you goose bumps.” states Dan Kelly, (Lead Vocals). “The Matt collab. really just happened” continues Jered, “We were playing shows with Seedless and just invited him up to free style on “Jah Music” and he cruuushed it. It was recorded on video so he just wrote his verse and we’ve been jammin’ it ever since.”

Not familiar with Fortunate Youth? The Pier had them featured as our Thursday Artist Radar Spotlight back in March. Click HERE to read up and download one of their songs for FREE!

Look out for an official Pier Album Review & Exclusive Interview with Fortunate Youth. In the meantime, look out for your copy of Irie State of Mind as early as July 1st, 2011. In the meantime, check out the video below of Fortunate Youth Live at Cervantes in Denver, CO with video coming courtesy of MoBoogie, performing a song off their new album titled “Reggae Radio”