Fortunate Youth & Kash’d Out Live From Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ (9/22/23)

Fortunate Youth & Kash’d Out Live From Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ (9/22/23)

FORTUNATE YOUTH brought their “Good Times Roll On Tour” to Asbury Park, NJ, with the support of KASH’D OUT and DUBBEST. To say the good times rolled would be an understatement, to say the least. The vibes were great, and the music was even better; all three sets proved that this is a powerhouse tour!

To start things off, the four-piece act from San Diego, CA, by way of Boston, MA, Dubbest got the crowd moving. I love seeing the first band on a tour get as much love as they did. The venue was already packed by the time they started, and as they went through their set, everyone was singing along. There’s something about a lead singer standing in front of the keys that always makes me happy. I think that’s rooted in my love for Billy Joel. You couldn’t ask for a better opener to the night, and to make it even better, all the guys in the band are really down-to-earth, which made it a pleasure to catch up with them.

I love Kash’d Out! Everyone around me knows that, the band knows that, and I will always be at their show when they’re in my area. I have absolutely no shame in my fandom, and a lot of fans in New Jersey feel the same way about them. I’ve seen a lot of their sets, and this one might have taken the cake for the best yet. Their catalog is full of bangers that are even better live than on a track somehow. With their sets usually ending, but now starting, with their cult classic hit “Yes I,” it truly shows how many amazing songs they have. The chemistry shown on stage between these guys, who have been together for about a decade now, is undeniable. Jackson is one of the best guitar players on Earth. Joey bops around stage barefoot, slappin’ the bass at the highest level. Nick rips the keys and always gets his moment to show off the vocals. Marshall holds down the groove on the kit perfectly. Greg has one of the most unique and powerful voices in the game. All of them together on stage really come together for one of the most fun shows you can see right now.

When you talk about the GOATs in our scene, many would agree with the top few that immediately come to mind, and rightfully so. There are a couple of others that need to be spoken about in the same manner though, and Fortunate Youth is without a doubt one of them. Their influence on this genre, and on so many newer bands that we love, can’t go unnoticed. These guys are absolute legends. The passion Dan Kelly has while performing is nothing short of inspiring. He leaves it all on that stage, and the band does the same. Every person in the building sang every word of every song. The crowd was firmly in the grip of a master in his craft. From the softer songs to the madness of some of the crazier ones, the set had it all. The band is so gracious for what they get to do and for the fans loving them so much. FY even brought up Kash’d Out, Dubbest, and some local acts like trombone crusher Geoff G and mic ripper Barry from Coffee Surf Co for a huge jam session!

The night was incredible, and it added one more notch in the ever-expanding lore of The Stone Pony. Thank you to all the bands and the fans there that night; it was a special one!

Review & Live Photos By: @TheReggaePlug