Fortunate Youth’s New Single “Into the Dawn”

Fortunate Youth’s New Single “Into the Dawn”

From backyard BBQs in Southern California beach towns to it’s rise as one of the most popular reggae rock bands in the country. Fortunate Youth remains devoted to its roots and a simple mission. Spread peace, love and unity with music. It’s mantra of sorts for the multi-faceted sextet from Hermosa Beach, driving a  relentless thirst for live performances of blues, ska, rock, world, soul and punk.

Fortunate Youth’s new singleFortunate Youth’s new single “Into the Dawn” featuring Gil, Migs and Rog.

The reggae rockers are starting the year strong with this killer new track. The song’s message of loving your path and the irie drum pattern.

In true Fortunate Youth form, “Into the Dawn” highlights the band’s talented guitarists and the song, released by Skunk Records / Controlled Substance Sound Labs, also showcases smooth horns and some really cool dub effects.

Check out Fortunate Youth’s new single “Into the Dawn” below!