FREE Matisyahu Track!

FREE Matisyahu Track!

Reggae/hip-hop artist, Matisyahu, announced on his Facebook the other day that his track “Darkness into Light” Live in Brooklyn, NY is now available for FREE download on his website.

The track incorporates the heavy use of synthesizers in the opening as well as booming percussion. Although it is not one of his most upbeat songs, it is a unique sound for the reggae scene and I highly recommend that everyone gives it a listen.

Matisyahu been mentioned on The Pier earlier, making an appearance on the 2012 Most Anticipated Albums list with a couple albums he’s looking to release this year.

“Akedah Teaching to Love” is a more hip-hop oriented album that is based on the biblical story of Abraham prepping his son Isaac to be sacrificed to God. When asked in June about the hip-hop heavy nature of the album, Matisyahu said, ”I met a young producer out of L.A. named Kojak, who’s part of a team — Dr. Luke’s team. Really Top 40 guy, you know pop radio. And we hit it off and started writing celebratory, light, accessible, fun songs – obviously with meaning and with my tilt to it and my vibe and all that, but just fun – really more of a light-hearted record.”

Although he may not have too many tour dates coming up, be sure to check out Matisyahu’s new album and download “Darkness into Light” for free right now…

Upcoming Matisyahu Tour Dates:
Apr 1 @ Ryan Center-URI, Kingston, RI
May 31 @ Wakarusa Music Festival, Ozark, AR
Jul 26 @ Floydfest, Floyd VA

Article By: Jason Gallagher
Photo By: Kit Chalberg

Here’s the official music video to Jerusalem (Out of Darkness Comes Light)