Gary Dread of The Movement Releases New Solo Album

Gary Dread of The Movement Releases New Solo Album

When The Movement‘s Gary Dread isn’t bangin’ away on drums for the band in the studio or on tour, he’s producing his own music as he plans to release his solo full length album Move Forward set for June 17th, 2022.

The album includes 11 songs with guest appearances by Josh Heinrichs and Turbulence with production by Rick Haze, Loud City, Siny Beatz, Asha D, Wicked Vybz and 77 Beatz.

Move Forward marks the 10th studio album that Gary Dread has released and as Gary tells The Pier: “I wrote a lot of the lyrics in my backyard during Pandemic lock down. ‘Keep Moving’ and ‘Holding Strong’ are my backyard anthems as far as staying positive in serious times.”Move Forward

He started writing the album in 2020 and really dove into the creative process as the Pandemic locked things down. “I recorded vocals at my home and Rick Haze’s studio. With all tours with The Movement getting cancelled I started writing a lot and learning how to make beats with an MPC. The process of this album was true healing to my soul and I hope it heals others who listen.”

One of the stand-out features on the album is Turbulence who Gary credits as one of his personal favorite reggae artists and was someone who came to mind when he wrote “Never Get I Down.” Gary tells The Pier: “My longtime brother DJ Nuggiez from Wicked Vybz reached out to him and he voiced it, amazing. Turbulence has a unique style and it is a true blessing to have him on this song.”

As for Gary’s favorite song on the record? “My personal favorite off the record might be Shawty,” Gary shares. “I played drums on it and wrote my verses on a plane for my first time to Puerto Rico. I wrote the chorus with Rick Haze and it was stuck in my head for days after i recorded it. It gives me an old school vibe.”

The album officially drops on June 17th a week before he hits the road with The Movement. Find dates & additional links below.

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Article By: Mike Patti

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