Getting to Know Beebs & Her Money Makers

Getting to Know Beebs & Her Money Makers

The history of Beebs and Her Money Makers is shrouded in mystery and lore. Legend has it, after a top-secret government project, the super human group was cryogenically frozen for an undocumented length of time.

Meanwhile, John Stamos disappeared from public eye after the Full House finale in 1995 to embark on a bold mission to rescue Beebs and her monolithic Money Makers. Stamos located the group and freed Beebs from her frozen doze during a daring rescue mission.

She was weak from her lengthy slumber but found a bag of popcorn and strawberry daiquiri flavored Jelly Belly’s next to the cryogenic chamber; the special combination of the candy is to Beebs what spinach is to Popeye. She quickly regained her strength and turned her attention to her still-solid superhero squad.

Guitarist Lovelady needed starch to regain his super human vigor. As luck would have it, the secret government lab was built directly underneath a non-GMO potato farm somewhere near Boise, Idaho. The group wrote their first album Welcome To Barter Town and their search for John Stamos had begun.

Kevin Lyman, founder of the Vans Warped Tour, met BaHMM and invited them on all forty dates of the next cross-country festival. It was the perfect opportunity to scour the land for TV’s Uncle Jesse.

No stone left unturned as Beebs met Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL. She looked up and said, “Hey, if you need anyone to sing ‘She Has A Girlfriend Now’ on Warped Tour hit me up,” and swiftly continued on her quest. Barrett dubbed Beebs the new voice of the best song about lesbians from the 1990s and she used her super powers to have him produce the 2013 EP How to Start a Dance Party and their latest release, Würst Album Ever, in 2014.

Watch: Beebs and Her Money Makers – Crazy (featuring Aaron Barrett)

Chatting With A Champion

I fervently waited for our interview at the 6th Annual California Roots Festival and could not fathom the possible topics to discuss with Beebs. Just as I was about to give up I heard the faint sound of a kazoo humming through the air and was overcome with an overwhelming feeling of positivity and could not wipe the stupid grin off of my face. I glanced around the media room and no one else seemed to hear it. Unsure of what I smoked to cause such a sensation; Beebs materialized out of thin air. My jaw dropped and I was immobile from disbelief.

“I have something for that,” Beebs said as she pulled a strawberry Starburst from her purse and placed it into my already open mouth. I collected my thoughts, took a deep breath, and bashfully asked if all of the 1990s ska/punk heroes (Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Goldfinger) had passed her the torch.

“I don’t think their torches have gone out enough for it to be passed because they are all on fire. Reel Big Fish, behind the scenes, is one of the most organized, well put together tour operations I’ve ever BeebsandBlakeIGexperienced. Tom Ames, best tour manager in the game. Hands down.”

Reel Big Fish trombonist Billy Kottage describes Beebs as one of the most “captivating human beings on planet earth; in more ways than four. Before you see her do her thing on stage and before you meet her and talk to her you can tell there’s something amazing about her.”

Kottage met Beebs at a reunion show with his prior group Pilfers and would seek out the dynamic duo while on the road together when he needed council, “She has this mystical power… its really unexplainable. She’s real.”

I wanted to confirm the myth of her super human abilities that were beyond my realm of understanding, “She literally does… whether you want to believe it or not. Maybe she can’t fly and maybe she can’t bend steel…”

“She really knows how to get people to do anything they want… the dumbest things. She could rub shit all over her face and I would just want to kiss it. Seriously. It’s weird. She has that way about her. Have you ever heard her laugh before? It’s very infectious.”

Regarding whether or not he would kiss Lovelady’s shit covered cheeks, “Um… yeah, I would… but not as much as Beebs.”

Serious Super Hero Magic

Beebs met Lovelady in 2009 at a pizza restaurant in Melbourne Beach, Florida. They each had recently lost a close family member and became one another support system.

“It was serious super hero magic. Music saved us both at that time. All the songs I had written were about trying to look on the positive side of losing someone that I cared about so much,” she paused for a moment, “I think that is why the band is so magical and why we fight so hard for it. We needed it. We still need it.”

There have been a long line of Money Makers over the years but the group continues to evolve by sharing upbeat music and starting dance parties no matter the location or time of day. They opened California Roots at 11am on Saturday and were jamming with their fellow musicians at 3am the next morning.

Along with Beebs and Lovelady, the Money Makers include Levon White on bass, and Bunky Garrabrant on trumpet.

Saxophone player Corey Peterson jammed/auditioned with BaHMM at a festival as the “artist at large” and immediately made the team. He likes to throw little nuggets of information at Beebs on occasion including his experiences playing with Alicia Keys, Leon Russell, The Wallflowers, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, and many others.

Peterson has been welcomed into a family that helps one another succeed, “Ultimately that’s what it is all about. As long as you want the best for someone else everything will work out.”

Watch: Beebs and Her Money Makers – “Waterfalls” (TLC cover)

Alter Ego as a Business Woman

Beebs discussed her experience as a booking agent, promoter, tour manager, and band manager. She became frustrated at the lack of control when it comes to investing so much heart into other bands to wind up not working out. With an extensive background in singing and theater she took the leap and flew solo.

“I just feel the more you control you can have over your own destiny… at the end of the day no one is going to want it more than you want it. No one is going to work as hard for you as you are. At the end of the day all of the tools are right in front of you.”

Most musicians are not business people; it requires access to two different parts of the brain. One of Beebs’ many superpowers is her keen sense of the music industry as an artist who also handles the business and management side of the well-oiled Money Makers. Beebs is constantly making music and thinking about marketing and the band is a team who all work very hard.

“Bunky serves as the tour manager. Everyone in the band plays a vital role aside from being a musician.”

Fans appreciate the creative honesty Beebs has to offer along with her profound voice influenced by Motown and Patsy Cline. The stage show will bring a smile to even the staunchest sourpuss. The talent the band displays will bring joy to those who will listen and she would not have it any other way.

Watch: Beebs and Her Money Makers – “Death to Ego”

The Quest Continues…

A few months ago, Beebs received word through her super hero network John Stamos was going to appear at a Beach Boys concert. She “tracked him down and made it happen. I wanted to change the enunciation of the word musician to ‘MU-ZI-SEA-AN’ because it makes you sound less broke. He was my first, and only, spokesperson.”

Beebs and Her Money Makers’ expedition continues and their destiny lies on the open road bringing positively infectious music around the world. If she had her way she would no doubt want to play with No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rancid, and The Roots.

“I’d like to tour with Earth Wind and Fire but they never have openers. The Skints are awesome, I checked out their music before the tour. I’m just gonna name everyone on the lineup just so they get a shout out… The Roots, Dirty Heads, Slightly Stoopid, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, John Brown’s Body… where is a list of this festival? Would like to tour with Michael Franti.”

Their set is extremely well put together and more of an experience than a concert. Be sure to bring plenty of potatoes for Lovelady so he can sustain his colossal power. It only takes a few Jelly Belly’s to engage the “Beebiness” so keep the popcorn and strawberry daiquiri flavored mix bags to a minimum or Beebs is going to have to make an all new wardrobe.

“I’ll just have to wear garbage bags to shows.”

We gazed over at the refreshment table covered in coconut water, organic fruits, vegetables, and protein bars; severely lacking in Jelly Belly’s. I turned my head back to Beebs and she was gone.

I have honestly witnessed the remarkable power Beebs projects to those around her. She was able to overcome terrible tragedy and quickly turn the negative force into an awe-inspiring positive. She showed me how easy and healthy it is to reach out and grasp our own ability to wear a smile in the face of the many heartbreaks life drops.

Beebs has blazed her own trail in this rat race through perseverance, creativity, love, trust, and hope. As Billy Kottage says, “She owns it on stage. It’s good, but weird. It’s weirdly sexy. It’s the weirdest combination of all the right things.”

Watch: Beebs and Her Money Makers – Out the Door

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Article by: Blake Taylor
Photo By: Peter Monti