Getting To Know Janelle Phillips

Getting To Know Janelle Phillips

We would like you to meet the newest edition to the Roots Musician Records family Janelle Phillips. The San Diego native released her debut EP, LIONESS, on Oct. 2, 2015, produced by E.N Young at Imperial Sound Recording Studio.

The young singer/songwriter spent fifteen years of her early life in sports on the field and as a spectator in the stands. Janelle’s competitive nature and love for the spotlight including participation in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball, including nine years as a pitcher, unquestionably helped cultivate her comfort in front of a crowd. Sports also strengthened the bond with her coach and number one fan, her mother.

While attending high school in the North County City of Escondido, CA, Phillips started writing lyrics and poetry and taught herself to play guitar by age 19 in 2011. Her early college days consisted of collaborating with local talent in the campus courtyard and arranging gigs in the surrounding area. JanellePhillips

“The best part of those days was giving so many people the courage and strength to perform on stage for the first time,” says Janelle.

By 2013, Janelle recorded her Demo called To Be Heard with producer/musician Ryan J. Parker. That demo was used to send out to people for opportunities. She appeared on one of Gary Dread’s (The Movement) solo projects just before she teamed up with E.N for her sophomore record.

She describes the time spent with E.N as one of the most memorable and exciting experiences. His resume and award-winning studio work made Imperial Sounds Janelle’s dream studio.

“He put all of his effort and love into each song as if they were his own. I was blown away on how he brought the music to each song just how I had envisioned it. He asked for my opinion on every move; we recorded vocals and brought each song to life.”

“E.N shared so much musical knowledge, stories, and positive ways to better the health, well-being, and conscious state of mind. He has since been giving me strength and confidence in my work. I appreciate and have so much love for him and his family. This was definitely more than a recording session; it was a chapter of my evolution.”

The title track “LIONESS” is a biographical sketch of who Janelle is. It is a song about recognizing strengths and weaknesses while allowing her faith to overcome life’s obstacles.

The song describes the morals and values she learned from her mother who is her symbol of strength. By dedicating time to Janelle’s life as a single mother, sharing advice and wisdom, and encountering a lot of hardships, she became Janelle’s Lioness.

“I want to inspire other women to feel confident, to stand up for what they believe in: their passion, morals and values.”

“Grey Smoke” gives us a glimpse at the way Janelle Phillips feels when she is head over heels for someone. She says, “I have so much passion in my love. To me, falling for someone brings your feelings to a blissful state of mind of happiness, of fire. It has put me in a trance in the past, almost hypnotizing.”
“Lifted” is about higher consciousness. The song is about stripping barriers of the physical world that separate us as humans; race, culture, religion. Reaching deep within ourselves to find the one thing we have in common. The powerful spark of life that connects us all; something much of humanity sadly ignores.

“It’s so powerful and allows me to really feel the Most High, as we remember those who have passed fighting for peace, and how they never gave up on eliminating the negative things in the world.”

Janelle has been writing music non-stop and is excited to continue working on her next album after the release of LIONESS on Oct. 2, 2015.

Phillips wants nothing more than to bring “forth consciousness, spiritual awakening, and cultural acceptance in my album. I want it to consist of current world issues, cultural acceptance… I want it to compel a movement in one’s inner self, so that all those who listen want to take action. Create an inner and outer growth, inspiration, aspiration, ambition, and have people set goals to achieve their dreams.”

Keep your eyes open for future performances in Southern California alongside other game changing artists. Janelle Phillips is another strong woman who has joined the ranks of the growing list of female artists providing a much needed positive influence to the young girls of today’s ever-changing, fast moving and increasingly overly material world.

You can purchase the LIONESS EP on iTunes by clicking HERE!

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Article by: Blake Taylor

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