Goldfinger Reveal Details for New Album ‘The Knife’

Goldfinger Reveal Details for New Album ‘The Knife’

For those still “counting the days” they’ve been without new tunes from Goldfinger, fans can now rejoice as the wait has come to an end. After nine long years, the skate-punk rock heroes have recently announced that their new album The Knife will be released on July 21, 2017 via Rise Records featuring 13 new tracks!

Since their musical inception in 1994, Goldfinger achieved commercial success relatively quickly and never looked back. Their hit track “Superman” graced the speakers of many while being introduced to the “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” video game series, and their cover of “99 Red Balloons” has been featured in several movies including Eurotrip, Not Another Teen Movie and more. However, following their release of Hello Destiny… in 2008, the future seemed uncertain for the Los Angeles-based ensemble.

Touring sporadically and teasing new material for the better half of a decade, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist John Feldmann hinted at a semi-retirement in a 2015 interview with Fuse stating that “we’ll probably release a song or two but I don’t know if we’re going to release albums anymore. We play the same songs we’ve always done.” Fast forward two years after some realignment, and Goldfinger is truly rocking with an all-star cast. Bassist Mike Herrera of MXPX and guitarist Phillip Sneed of Story of the Year have been confirmed as the new members for the band, and Feldmann also shared updates that the new album will feature contributions from Travis Barker of Blink-182 and Josh Dunn Twenty One Pilots on drums. Additionally, guest vocals are expected to be contributed from Nick Hexum of 311 and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182.

In the vicinity of creating new material for Goldfinger, Feldmann has kept busy with production over the years to include collaboration with Atreyu, The Used, Papa Roach, Avicii and most recently 311 for five of the tracks on their new album Mosaic. Focus had shifted over the past couple of years for Feldmann however, as final efforts materialized to create the new record. Feldmann recently offered up some brief context for the forthcoming release:
“I took my time making this record…nine years to be exact! I feel like I’ve made the most concise Goldfinger record in my career. We have all Goldfinger styles together as one, with Zakk Cervini, who mixed the Blink-182 record, and Travis Barker on drums, I couldn’t be more proud of an album.”

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Goldfinger – The Knife Track-list
Goldfinger The Knife1.) A Million Miles
2.) Get What I Need
3.) Am I Deaf
4.) Tijuana Sunrise
5.) Put the Knife Away
6.) Don’t Let Me Go
7.) Beacon
8.) Who’s Laughing Now
9.) Say It Out Loud
10.) Orthodontist Girl
11.) See You Around
12.) Liftoff
13.) Milla

Goldfinger On Tour:

Aside from being featured as one of the artists for the 10th annual Musink Festival presented by Travis Barker, Goldfinger has been relatively quiet on their touring appearances lately. The band toured in the UK throughout May 2015 and made a couple of appearances at The Slam Dunk Festival several weeks ago – the band can be seen throughout the remainder of 2017 later this summer with scattered dates across the west coast. Check out the full tour dates listed below:


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Article By: Brian Glaser

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