Gussie Clarke’s Reggae Anthology

Gussie Clarke’s Reggae Anthology

On October 9th, 17 North Parade, the vintage branch of VP Records, released a 2 CD/DVD music catalog that spans over 40 years of music from iconic reggae producer Gussie Clarke. Including hits from artists such as: Augustus Pablo, Big Youth, Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, The Mighty Diamonds, Bunny Wailer, J.C. Lodge, Shabba Ranks, Sizzla and more, this anthology is a must-have for classic reggae enthusiasts.

In the early 1970s, Clarke’s breakthrough success with deejay-style vocalists like Big Youth and I Roy put him at the forefront of the new rebel sound because he was able to blend this style with more instrumental records.
This double-disc compilation spans Gussie Clarke’s catalog of hit productions from the 1970s to today, accompanied by a DVD that takes an in-depth look of the man behind the controls. All the music is re-mastered and coupled with deluxe packaging and extensive liner notes. In addition, a vinyl companion piece of the same name is available, which features exclusive tracks not available on the CD and digital version.

The first portion of the anthology includes a previously unreleased version of Clarke’s 1972 debut, U-Roy’s “The Higher The Mountain” featuring Big Youth, plus a never-before-heard extended version of Dennis Brown & Lennie Hibbert‘s “To The Foundation.” The set carries into more classics like Augustus Pablo’s “No Entry,” Hortense Ellis’ “Unexpected Places” as well as the influential 1981 Mighty Diamonds hit “Pass the Kouchie.”

The second half of the collection delves into Clarke’s productions during the late 1980s when he launched his own Music Works studio. This was around the same time when the digital reggae era began, so the studio was fully equipped and ready to adopt the new style, but was still able to maintain the traditional roots reggae sound with musicians recording live instrumentation. Standout tracks include Dennis Brown & Gregory Isaacs’ massive radio hit “Big All Around,” Home T, Cocoa Tea & Shabba Ranks’ “Pirates Anthem,” and Gregory Isaacs’ 1988 summer smash “Rumours.” Clark was always able to evolve to the times and remain one of the most consistent hitmakers in the business.

To get your hands and ears on this iconic collection, you can place your order on iTunes or through VP Records HERE!

Gussie Clarke – From The Foundation – CD Track Listing

Disc 1:
1.) U Roy & Big Youth – The Higher The Mountain
2.) Gregory Isaacs – Loving Pauper
3.) I Roy – King And The Pauper
4.) Big Youth – Must Be Revelation
5.) Simplicity People – KG’s Cross Roads
6.) Tommy McCook – The Right Track
7.) The Tamlins – I’ve Got A Feeling
8.) Augustus Pablo – No Entry
9.) Big Youth – Strickly Rockers
10.) Delroy Wilson – Is It Because I’m Black
11.) Hortense Ellis – Unexpected Places
12.) Dennis Brown & Big Youth – In His Own Way
13.) Dennis Brown & Lennie Hibbert – To The Foundation
14.) Delroy Wilson – Come In Heaven
15.) Jackie Parris, Pam Hall & Big Youth – Really Together
16.) The Mighty Diamonds – Pass The Kouchie
17.) U Roy – Everybody Hustling
Disc 2:
1.) Larry & Alvin – Throw Me Corn
2.) Tetrack – Trappers
3.) Pam Hall – Late At Nights
4.) Freddie McGregor & Dennis Brown – Raggamuffin
5.) Dennis Brown & Gregory Isaacs – Big All Around
6.) Gregory Isaacs & The Mighty Diamonds – Rough Neck
7.) Gregory Isaacs – Rumours
8.) J.C. Lodge – Telephone Love
9.) Gregory Isaacs – Mind Yu Dis
10.) Home T, Cocoa Tea, Shabba Ranks – Pirates Anthem
11.) Deborah Glasgow & Shabba Ranks – Mr. Lover Man
12.) Krystal & Shabba Ranks – Twice My Age
13.) The Mighty Diamonds, Bunny Wailer, J.C. Lodge, Genieve Bailey, Yami Bolo, Dennis Brown, Mutabaruka, The Grace Thrillers, Judy Mowatt, Carlene Davis, Mikey Spice & Richie Stephens – Get Well Soon
14.) Cocoa Tea & Richie Stephens – Gang War
15.) Daddy Rings & Cocoa Tea – Herb Fi Bun
16.) Sizzla – Put All My Trust In Jah
17.) Mey Vidal – Ting A Ling Ling

Gussie Clarke – From The Foundation – Vinyl Track Listing

Side A:
1.) Big Youth and U Roy – The Higher the Mountain
2.) Gregory Isaacs – Loving Pauper
3.) I-Roy – King and the Pauper
4.) Leroy Smart – Pride and Ambition
5.) Big Youth – Must be Revelation
6.) Simplicity People – KG’s Cross Roads
Side B:
1.) Dennis Brown and Big Youth – In His Own Way
2.) Big Youth – Strictly Rockers
3.) Augustus Pablo – Strictly Rockers**
4.) Big Youth and Augustus Pablo – Strictly Rockers**

Side C:
1.) Dennis Brown and Lennie Hibbert – To the Foundation
2.) The Mighty Diamonds and Lennie Hibbert – Pass the Kouchie**
3.) Lennie Hibbert – Party Time**
Side D:
Side D
1.) Freddie McGregor and Dennis Brown – Raggamuffin
2.) Gregory Isaacs ft. the Mighty Diamonds – Rough Neck
3.) Gregory Isaacs – Rumours
4.) JC Lodge – Telephone Love
5.) Home T, Cocoa Tea, Shabba Ranks – Pirates Anthem

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Article By: Andrew Aroche

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