H.R. From Bad Brains Drops new Solo Single “Everything You Do” feat. Nick Hexum from 311

H.R. From Bad Brains Drops new Solo Single “Everything You Do” feat. Nick Hexum from 311

Legendary frontmen H.R of Bad Brains and Nick Hexum team up for “Everything You Do” single.

H.R. ft. Nick Hexum “Everything You Do”

Collaborations in the music industry have always been a source of enjoyment to showcase the power of artistic synergy. A perfect example of this is the recently released single, “Everything You Do.” This track unites two legendary artists, H.R. of Bad Brains and Nick Hexum of 311, whose combined experience spans an impressive eighty-two years in the game. To add to the collaboration even further, the song is produced by the extremely talented Ted Bowne of Passafire. With Law Records behind them for the drop, this release sums up to an instant classic.

Throughout his wild career, H.R. has drawn in many crowds with his vocal diversity. However, his roots style showcased in “Everything You Do” seems to be exactly where he needs to be at the moment.

The addition of Nick Hexum’s distinctive sound, adding beautiful ad libs and a soulful verse, results in a perfect harmony on this track. Surprising listeners in a great way, these two artists, more known for their high-energy and upbeat tracks, perfectly transition into a very chill groove. From the first drum fill to the abrupt end, this song serves as a great reminder to give thanks for the blessings in our lives, even during the overwhelming demands of our day to day tasks.

Honestly, the release of this single couldn’t have come at a better time. Currently, H.R. faces health issues that have prevented him from embarking on his summer tour. As the fans of this genre do so well, the entire community stands firmly in his corner, rallying behind him, and extending well-wishes for a smooth recovery. It is during these trying times that the power of music and the support of a united fanbase truly shine through.

Check out the collab below!

Article Written by: @thereggaeplug