Happy Birthday Bradley Nowell

Happy Birthday Bradley Nowell

Remembering a Legend.

Happy Birthday Bradley Nowell

Today, Sublime’s front man Bradley Nowell, would have been celebrating 55 years young as he was born on February 22nd, 1968. Before his passing on May 25 1996, Bradley Nowell & his group, Sublime, built a genre of timeless music that continues to uplift, inspire & change lives to this day.

All these years after his passing and still, no one can put a specific label on their music! Is it Ska? is it Punk Rock? Reggae? If you asked Bradley Nowell, he’d just tell you “Good Music Is Good Music & That Should Be Enough For Anyone”

While Bradley Nowell is no longer with us in a physical presence, his voice, music and words live on. Sublimes music continues to find new audiences and is without a doubt one of the most timeless and greatest catalogs of all time.  We want to take time out and extend a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only Bradley Nowell!

Thank you!

In celebration of his life. Play some SUBLIME LOUD TODAY!!

Recently Bradleys sister Kellie Nowell joined ThePiers weekly podcast. She talks about;

The Nowell Family Foundation, and tells some amazing stories about growing up with Bradley and hearing his “message music” as it was being created and some info about the upcoming Sublime movie!

You can check out the full interview below.