HB Surround Sound New Release!

HB Surround Sound New Release!

It’s been since the 2006 release of Mad World that HB Surround Sound has put an album out. After taking a few years off, HB Surround Sound has returned with a fresh new sound gearing up for their 5 track Back 2 Reality EP set to be released on May 3rd, 2011.

The group went to Canyon Hut Studio out in Laurel Canyon, CA. The EP was mixed by Kevin Bivona, who is the Bass Player for The Transplants & guitar player for The Telecasters. The EP will be available inside The Pier Store & is described to have a Clash/Operation Ivy/Specials feel to their new & evolving sound.

Looking to set up a west coast tour this summer, you can catch HBSS LIVE on May 8th @ The Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa CA.

Not familiar with HB Surround Sound?
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Here is a video update of HBSS inside the studio working on their new release!