HB Surround Sound’s EXPLODE!

HB Surround Sound’s EXPLODE!

HB Surround Sound has a NEW EP out titled Explode. It’s 3 songs that were recorded at 17th Street Studios in Cost Mesa, CA. Fans can pick it up for just $2.97 on iTunes and you can hear a sample of the new EP below.

The Huntington Beach natives are no strangers to the music scene. Having formed in the late 90s and putting out 3 albums before taking time off in 2006, HB Surround Sound was known for originally blending Punk Rock, Metal & Reggae. Over the years, the group has progressed into a healthy blend of Ska, Reggae, Rock in the vain of Operation Ivy, Rancid & The Specials.

On May 3rd, 2011, HB Surround Sound released their first EP in 5 years. A 5 track EP titled Back To Reality that received a 4 Star review from our very own Chris Castro. You can purchase that EP by clicking HERE

Now HB Surround Sound has kicked off 2012 with 3 new songs titled “Rock & Roll”, “Give You Away” and “Top of the World”. The Explode EP is out and you can purchase the 3 new songs for $2.97 on iTunes by clicking HERE.

Article By: Mike Patti

Listen to their new song “Rock & Roll”