Hempress Sativa To Release Dub Album with The Scientist

Hempress Sativa To Release Dub Album with The Scientist

Out of Kingston, Jamaica comes Hempress Sativa. To start the year of 2017 she released a 13-track record titled Unconquerebel via Conquering Lion Records. She has the roots and rhythm of an Erykah Badu and commands the dancehall like a modern day Lady Saw. She’s versatile with a dynamic voice that can be soothing or sharp, (and at times may even cut), all of which makes her a great listen.
On February 11th, 2018, she will release a 10-track Dub album with Scientist titled Scientist Meets Hempress Sativa in DUB that will be available on platforms from digital to vinyl. Pre-orders begin January 19th and the record is said to feature one guest appearance by that of Ranking Joe.

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Here’s what Hempress Sativa told The Pier when we requested what to anticipate: “For the Dub Album with the Great Mix Master Scientist on the console, fans can expect new roots vocals over a nostalgic Dub version which place strong emphasis on drum and bass reminiscent of the 1970-80s era.”

Satvia is an emerging female vocalist in the reggae community that is earning herself a bigger stage with each performance and as she continues to release new music, her collaborative discography grows having worked with Paolo Baldini, Sizzla, Snoop Lion, Jesse RoyalHopeton Overton Brown, best known as The Scientist, is a producer from Jamaica best known for the unparalleled Dub music he’s mixed and produced from the early 80’s to present day. From working with King Tubby to Slightly Stoopid and all of the eclectic takes on reggae from misc groups in-between, Scientist’s discography is a rabbit hole of music to dive in around his familiar theme of fictional achievements in fighting Space Invaders, Pac-Men, and Vampires.

Scientist is not a professor but in fact a scientist with his dub production, making this pairing with a new, up and coming talent in Hempress Sativa a salivating release that we’ve been highly anticipating and look forward to enjoying on vinyl. You can purchase Scientist Meets Hempress Sativa in DUB by clicking HERE!

Scientist Meets Hempress Sativa in DUB Track List:
HempressSativa_Scientist1.) Revolution Dub
2.) Rock It Ina Dub
3.) Skin Teeth Dub
4.) Heathen Wage Dub
5.) Boom (Wah Da Da Deng) feat. Paolo Baldini Dubfiles
6.) Jah Will be There Dub
7.) No Peace Dub
8.) We All Dub
9.) Fight For Your Rights Dub
10.) Natty Dread DubWise feat. Ranking Joe

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Article By: Mike Patti

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