Hirie Discusses ‘Wandering Soul’

Hirie Discusses ‘Wandering Soul’

It has been almost 3 years since the drop of Hirie’s self-titled album. The wait is almost over as they have set the date of August 19th for the release their new album, Wandering Soul. While the album still has a couple months until its unveiling we caught up with lead vocalist, Patricia Jetton of Hirie to get some updates!

Hirie’s upcoming album Wandering Soul will include 11 total tracks with guest appearances from Trevor Hall, Nahko Bear, and Nattalie Rize. When we reached out to Hirie she pointed to a couple of songs, one of which HIRIEis titled “Good Vibrations”, explaining to The Pier of it’s an uplifting appeal.

“’Good Vibrations’, is a song that really stands out to me because I think of it as the ‘Smile’ 2.0 for this album. Smile is a song from our previous album that many of our fans could relate to. It was breathtaking to see fans that have gotten the lyrics tattooed on them, that meant a lot to me. We like to think that people listen to us because they feel like they get some kind of healing from our music. During the writing process I really kept it in mind to feature more emotion on this album. While I was writing, I thought about my fans that have reached out to me to share their stories, struggles and issues in life.”

While on tour this summer expect to hear a taste of the album as Hirie plans to perform a few new tracks live. The songs titles to listen out for are: “You Wont be Alone”, “Renegade” feat. Nahko Bear and “Wandering Soul.”

During the time we were tuned in with Trish, she shared an entertaining story about some of the recording process for the album. “On the track, ‘Don’t Take My Ganja,’ we really wanted to have the sound of a bong rip in there somewhere. I really didn’t want to just download a sample so we thought we would try to make the sound our own… without using an actual bong. Sounds tough right? Well, I saw this trick along time ago that mimics the sound of a bong rip, so I thought, why not give it a shot! The trick is to put some water in your mouth and flip your head upside down and then suck in. It seriously sounded just like a bong rip! So we recorded me doing this fake bong rip sound!”

[Note: Trish even gave us a little demo of the trick and we were more than impressed!]

As we wrapped up our chat, Trish had one final message she would like to project to her fans and supporters, “I would like to make a shout out our kick-starter backer. Our album was fully funded by our fans! I want to thank everybody who has supported us and believed in us during this process. We are so thankful that you allowed us to put out this album independently. This is the album of our dreams, so thank you to all of our fans!”

You can pick up Wandering Soul on August 19th, 2016

Hirie – Wandering Soul Tracklist:
WanderingSoul1.) Wandering Soul
2.) Good Vibration feat. Trevor Hall
3.) Renegade feat. Nahko Bear
4.) Don’t Take My Ganja
5.) Women Comes First feat. Nattali Rize
6.) Boom Fire
7.) Melody of a Broken Heart
8.) You Won’t Be Alone
9.) Queen
10.) Almost Home
11.) Ride The Wave

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Article By: Julia Goodman
Live Photo By: Katey Schoenberger

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