Honor is All Rancid Knows

Honor is All Rancid Knows

On Oct. 27th, 2014, Rancid released their 8th studio album called …Honor Is All We Know through Epitaph/Hellcat Records. Their first album in nearly six years and, as usual, is produced by Bad Religion guitarist & Epitaph’s CEO, Brett Gurewitz.
Mixed reviews surround the genre that does not bother itself with over-production or catchy lyrics. Many critics, reviewers, and bloggers do not hold a special bond with punk music and will therefore give you their best attempt at analyzing the sound and breaking down the lyrics without remembering that one time they got a boot to the brain in a mosh pit. Rancid could care less what people have to say about their music.

The record sounds like Rancid. That should be enough to give any Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, Matt Freeman, and Branden Steineckert listener a leather studded stiffy. The band has made the entire album available on YouTube since its release date so there is no excuse if you have not heard it.

Their new music provides the perfect soundtrack to a video of the group cruising around the Bay Area in a 1964 Chevy Nova courtesy of Epitaph/Hellcat Records. The video has received over 100,000 views in the last month.

It has been over a year since the last Rancid tour where they concluded with an appearance at Riot Fest in Denver, Colorado. There are no tour dates currently scheduled but when you see them again there is a good chance you will be singing along to the new songs from …Honor Is All We Know.

Order …Honor Is All We Know through Epitaph/Hellcat by clicking HERE!

Rancid – …Honor is All We Know Track Listing:
1.) Back Where I Belong
2.) Raise Your Fist
3.) Collision Course
4.) Evil’s My Friend
5.) Honor Is All We Know
6.) A Power Inside
7.) In The Streets
8.) Face Up
9.) Already Dead
10.) Diabolical
11.) Malfunction
12.) Now We’re Through With You
13.) Everybody’s Sufferin’
14.) Grave Digger

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Article by: Blake Taylor

Listen & Watch: Rancid – …Honor is All We Know Drive Along (Full Album Stream)