Hor!zen’s New ‘Throwback’ EP

Hor!zen’s New ‘Throwback’ EP

Hor!zen live at HOB

Back in Spetember, Florda based Dubrockers, Hor!zen finished up their Throwback EP. Now fans get pick up the band’s latest release. Throughout the past decade Hor!zen took their time to develop a set of songs fans are sure to love.

Hor!zen live at HOB

For their Throwback EP, Horz!en reached back to their only full-length record, 2005’s Past Due and re-recorded five tracks. New versions, that resonate with a more modern sound, featuring better compositions, harder vocals and full instrumentation.

Working with up-and-coming engineer-producers David Whitmore and Adam Blair Sliger, recording in the middle of the sunshine state at Sunray Recording Studio, Hor!zen’s Throwback EP was release March 21st via Anchorage Records. Fans can pick up the EP now on iTunes, or it’s also available on Spotify, Amazon MP3 and on other online outlets.

In November 2012, Florida’s underground reggae-rock-hip-hop outfit released the Eviction Notice EP, their first set of new music since 2009’s Bottom Out EP. After years of playing together, the band has not released many new tunes. However they have continued to play show after show, moving audiences with lively versions of set list staples off their past three releases.

For more about Hor!zen, their music and information about their tour dates, check out the details below:

Horizen Throwback EPTrack Listing:
1.) Northshore Wind
2.) Mas Despacio
3.) Overboard
4.) I-95
5.) Lost in the Sunshine

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Hor!zen Website
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Article By: Aaron Solomon
Photo By: Peter Monti

For a taste of Hor!zen’s Throwback EP listen to:

”Lost In The Sunshine”

”Northshore wind”