How DENM Met The Dirty Heads

How DENM Met The Dirty Heads

There’s a rising artist on the brink of undeniable momentum as his name slowly spreads across music discussions with his blend of alternative Reggae, Hip Hop & Pop. We’re talking about DENM who has a debut album we’re highly anticipating, but not before co-producing new material for the Dirty Heads.

[Article Updated 5/15/21]

While currently residing in Huntington Beach, CA, DENM has called most of Southern CA home, having grown up in San Diego to Santa Barbara and Isla Vista, an upbringing he refers to as Slum Beach. He carries the coastal cultural influence with him that shines bright in his music.

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So how did DENM meet the Dirty Heads? Well the exchange took place during summer 2019 but as DENM tells The Pier: “I just straight up DM’d Jared Watson on Instagram. I sent him a Youtube link to ‘My Wave’ and just said ‘What’s up, man? I’m an artist, I live in Huntington, I doubt you’ll ever see this, but if you do, I hope you dig it.’ I’ve probably done that to a million people.”

Well it worked and Jared liked what he heard. When Jared got home from Summer tour they met up in person at the beach, kids in tow, bonding over family & music. Fast forward 6-7 months later and Jared is featured on a DENM song called “Califas” along with its accompanied music video.

DENM continues, telling The Pier: “This is funny, but I found Dirty Heads from that movie ‘Surfs Up’ while in High School & that song ‘Stand Tall.’ I’m like a decade behind the Dirty Heads guys so when they were at the age of releasing music, I was at the age of being a grom and watching ‘Surfs Up’ on my Dell computer. Its crazy to be working with Jared and we’re just like homies, now. We put out ‘Califas’ on Friday, Dirty Heads hired me on Sunday and I’m in the studio with them on Monday. It just feels right. It feels like preparation meets opportunity.”

Watch: DENM – “Califas” (ft. Jared Watson of Dirty Heads)

“Califas” is track 2 on DENM’s debut album titled Slum Beach Denny but Jared is also featured as Sword Beach on another song called “Cereal 4 Breakfast” which is best described as a hip-hop interlude on the record at Track 8.

As for the songs DENM is co-producing with Dirty Heads? The tracks are “Earthquake Weather”, which was release on Sept 4th, 2020 and “Bright Side.” DENM explains: “The songs were already written by them. I’m essentially taking their vocals and building a song around that with them. Duddy’s playing guitar parts, building the song, and Jon Jon’s in there doing percussion. The music is like nothing Dirty Heads has ever done, but it’s exactly who Dirty Heads are.”

Word has it that a lot of artists & bands have reached out to DENM for production since his affiliation with Dirty Heads was put on proud display with “Califas” and “Earthquake Weather”. DENM even joined the Dirty Heads as they collectively debuted a live performance of “Earthquake Weather” during Dirty Heads Super Moon Live-Stream.

Since then, DENM has signed with Ineffable Records and has released his debut album Slum Beach Denny on May 14th, 2021. Stay tuned for more details as soon as they’re made available to us.

Dirty Heads – “Earthquake Weather”

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: Gentle Giant Digital

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