Inner Circle’s Tire Blown On Tour

Inner Circle’s Tire Blown On Tour

Last week, we announced that Inner Circle, the Bad Boys of Reggae, were back touring the US after several years. With new tour dates just recently added for Europe, things almost turned deadly as the group traveled through Louisiana when they suddenly encountered a tire blow out on their tour bus…

The group was traveling on I-10, a deadly stretch of highway in Louisiana, when one of the bus’s tires blew out, almost flipping the bus at about 3:30pm on June 4th. “Everything was flyin’ and turnin” stated guitarist Roger Lewis. “The only thing that held us from flipping was (the median) wire”.

According to Louisiana State Police, the tour bus “went into the median, struck the cable barrier and some of the debris from the crash struck two other vehicles”. Congestion on the freeway was heavy following the incident as it took several hours to get the bus back up on the road. Luckily no one was hurt, but debris did reach other vehicles during the incident.

Best known for their 1987 hit song “Bad Boys”, the opening theme song to the hit TV show Cops, the group was thankful that no one was hurt and even posed for pictures with Louisiana Cops, as seen in the picture above.

Moving forward, the group will continue their tour as planned and have even added tour dates overseas as the Grammy Award Winning Quintet will be spreading their reggae music & love through Europe, playing various festivals. WHen it comes to touring, there’s no place the group wont tour. “To some people a world tour is North America, Europe and Japan, but not us. If it’s on the map, we’re going there,” says Inner Circle artist Ian Lewis. “Traveling around the world, you really learn that everybody’s basically the same. Music is the highest language; it transcends politics, geography, skin color; it transcends all the things that separate people”.

Check the upcoming tour dates below & be sure to come back as we’ll have more updates on Inner Circle, as soon as they’re made available to us.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
June 13th @ Harlow’s. Sacramento, CA
June 14th @ B Ryders. Bakersfield, CA
June 16th @ Los Globos. Los Angeles, CA
June 18th @ Flamingo Cantina. Austin, TX
June 19th @ Howlin’ Wolf Music Club. New Orleans, LA
June 20th @ The Social. Orlando, FL
July 6th @ International Festival of Life. Chicago, IL
July 25th @ Garance Festival. Bagnols-sur-Cèze, France
July 27th @ Qstock Festival. Oulu, Finland
July 28th @ TAVASTIA. Helsinki, Finland
August 1st @ AMIGO. Talin, Estonia
August 2nd @ Kaliningrad Jazz Festival. Kaliningrad, Russia
August 3rd @ Ventspils City Festival. Ventspils, Latvia
August 14th @ Beach Party Guntramsdorf. Guntramsdorf, Austria
August 15th @ Overjam International Reggae Festival. Tolmin, Slovenia
August 16th @ Furuvik Reggae Festival. Furuvik, Sweden
August 17th @ Summer Clips Reggae Festival. Kufstein, Austria
August 24th @ Reggae on the Rocks at Red Rocks. Morrison, CO (w/Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Buddz & Yellowman)
August 31st @ Summer Jam Music Fest. West Palm Beach, FL

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Article By: Mike Patti