Interview: Josh Heinrichs

Interview: Josh Heinrichs

Josh Heinrich’s is set to release his 5th full-length album as a solo artist under his own independent label, GanJah Records. Hailing from Springfield, MO, Heinrich’s name has become recognizable in places across the map. Whether from his solo career or for his central role in his former band Jah Roots, Heinrichs’ songwriting and singing abilities have continuously projected him onto the reggae charts . With his fifth solo album Satisfied, Josh is always anxious to share his music with the world. As he is in the midst of a nationwide tour with the Mike Pinto Band, here is what Josh had to say about his latest addition to his discography.

The Pier: I noticed a few guest appearances from former band mate SkillinJah, and two pacific island singers Regan Perry and Rexie Adlawan of Inity Collective. How was working with them?
Josh: It’s always very easy working and writing songs with SkillinJah, as he has been one of my closest friends for a very long time. SkillinJah’s talent really shines through on this album & I think he will have fans ready to hear his new upcoming album (that my label GanJah Records is releasing this December). I met Rexie Adlawan and her band Inity Collective on my first tour to Hawaii in 2009, they were outside jamming a familiar Katchafire tune just a few houses down from where I was staying…I had to venture over & check them out & they sounded great. I was immediately a fan of Rexie’s voice & style & when I was recording this song “What Can I Do” I could really hear her voice on it…This song is definitely a favorite of mine on this album. Regan Perry is another friend of mine and an amazing artist from New Zealand. I was just wrapping up my album when he hit me up with an instrumental, and I loved it…so much so that I wrote the song “Crusin” to it immediately. I sent it back to him that night & he added his parts & mixed it at his studio in New Zealand & you’re hearing the finished product. I love it, it’s another one of my favorite tracks on “Satisfied”. Everyone’s contributions to this album are amazing, these are all artists that I admire and I am just grateful to have a chance to make music with.

The Pier: Speaking of the Pacific , your last album featured tons of artists from the region such as The Green, Katchafire, Inna Vision and plenty more. Got a little love for the islands?
Josh: I’d have to say…Yes, I most definitely have love for the islands! These are places that whole-heartedly embrace reggae music & they have some of the most incredible reggae artists/bands. I’m humbled that they show me so much love & support, Hawaii & New Zealand (Guam, etc..) have been supporting my music since my days with Jah Roots. Just this month I’ll be joining JBoog, Anuhea & Natural Vibrations at The Halloween MayJah RayJah for all of our CD Release’s. It’s going to be an epic show & my wife will be joining me in Hawaii for her first time… so needless to say we are excited about that.

The Pier: Greg Roller has produced most of your albums, solo and with Jah Roots. Is there anything you two had in mind for this album that differs from the past?
Josh: Greg Roller is a very talented Producer/Engineer that owns his own studio, Roller Pro Recording in Branson, MO. Unlike all of the albums he recorded for us in the Jah Roots days, which were all live based recordings, this time we did a lot of individual tracking & spent more time focusing on giving each individual song the sound that it really needed. I also can’t forget to mention Bill Bruce who produced my last album “Jah Roots” and also helped produce this one too. He is a good friend, amazing guitar player & Producer, I am very fortunate to get to work with him as well.

The Pier: Your own independent label GanJah records, has released most of your albums plus former band mate Skillinjah’s recent album. Any future expansion plans?
Josh: As for right now my label GanJah Records is focusing on myself & SkillinJah who will be releasing a new album this December. There are a few other artists that I have been talking to about releasing their albums with my label GanJah Records but no official news just yet…

The Pier: In 2009, you left Jah Roots to pursue a solo career. How are the relationships between you and former band mates?
Josh: As far as my relationships with the members of Jah Roots, they are not just old band mates but my childhood friends I love them all and as far as I know we are all doing the same thing…Raising our families, making music & enjoying life.

The Pier: Right now you are in the midst of a tour with the Mike Pinto Band streaking west. How is working with Mike Pinto and company?
Josh: It’s been a great time. From getting to jam with Junior Marvin of Bob Marley & the Wailers who made a surprise appearance at our show in Virginia, to Julie Collins of Rose Mountain Photo shooting our Chicago show for Europe’s biggest reggae website, Our show in Chicago at The Cubby Bear was awesome & the rooftop green room across the street from Wrigley Field was too cool. I couldn’t ask for a nicer & more hilarious group of guys to be on the road with…I never stop laughing with these guys. I’m looking forward to the rest of the shows and possibly collaborating with Mike Pinto Band on a song in the future.

The Pier: It sounds like you keep yourself pretty busy. What’s next for you after the tour?
Josh: After this tour I will have been on the road for almost 2 months so I will definitely be in need of some rest and time with my family of course. But then looking forward to SkillinJah flying in this November to start work on his new album.

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Interview by: Matt Emodi
Photos by: Bill Colbridge