Interview: Outlaw Nation

Interview: Outlaw Nation

The Big Easy, otherwise known as New Orleans has one of the largest and most enthusiastic foundations for music, particularly music with soul. Fans have even branded Outlaw Nation’s approach to music as “Gutter Reggae Soul”, but the trio, known as Outlaw Nation ,do not limit themselves to skanky rhythms and rootsy messages, but are known for their collage of musical styles such as hip-hop, Rhythm & blues, and even a little something for the metal heads.

For more than ten years they have toured nationally with some of the finest musicians in the genre. They are signed to Stoopid Records which was founded by the reggae revolutionaries Slightly Stoopid in the dawn of the new millennium. The Pier was fortunate enough to catch up with Outlaw Nation as their newest album Back In Babylon is on the market come October 18, 2011.

The Pier: Congratulations on the completion of Back In Babylon! In your fifth full-length album, you guys brag about bringing back the past, utilizing the present, and creating the future. Can you explain this a little more in depth to our readers?
Outlaw Nation: Well we wanted to touch on the best parts of what we do musically and try to put it on one CD this time; whether it is Roots Reggae, Reggae Rock, Hip Hop or whatever. We wanted to do what we do be super versatile!

The Pier: It has been 12 years that you have been writing music together. Can you identify one or two experiences in which your careers have taken a turn for the best?
Outlaw Nation: Meeting Jon Phillips and the Silverback/Stoopid Music family. The took us in and believed in what we do. The help we have received from them has been instrumental in us pushing forward with no hesitations.

The Pier: Speaking of Silverback, who signed Sublime in the 90’s, what are your thoughts on the reunion of Bud and Eric with the addition of Rome Ramirez? Sublime With Rome has received mixed reviews regarding their debut album together.
Outlaw Nation: Me being a SUBLIME fan from their start I obviously have mad respect for what they helped pioneer. I will forever be a BRADLEY fan but at the same time those two other gentlemen Eric and Bud were both big parts of what created the sound we know as SUBLIME. And it is a part of the fabric of the SUBLIME sound. Hell I could sing and play guitar with those guys and be kind of amazing. They just bring that out in the people around them.

The Pier: Outlaw Nation, The expendables, and naturally Slightly Stoopid are a part of Stoopid Records. How is working with the Stoopid Family? I’d assume you all are pretty close!
Outlaw Nation: It is indeed a FAMILY!! Miles and Kyle are the coolest dudes I have ever met. They have been nothing but super cool to us and have provided us with the knowledge of their long journey to success and hopefully we can follow suit with super success as well.

The Pier: The album cover for Back In Babylon portrays what seems to be utter chaos barred off by the yellow caution tape. Does this indicate that this album focuses on the plight in contemporary society or more of finding the road to happiness?
Outlaw Nation: Yes at this time everybody is in caution mode looking out the windows and seeing the madness happening outside of their homes. We are just taking conversations and personal experiences and putting them to music & trying to help people cope.

The Pier: I understand that the general consensus of musicians across the world is that they hate having to classify themselves into specific genres. Do you guys feel the same way? On your Facebook page you listed “whatever” as one of your genres.
Outlaw Nation: Nah we do a style of music rooted in REGGAE first and foremost. We are not trying to be a genre less we just do music we like and our vast array of influences come out in our music.

The Pier: Besides about ten dates along the west coast in December, do you have anything else planned in terms of touring?
Outlaw Nation: Yeah we have a ton of touring planned. We have been gone for a minute and for the fans that missed us, we want to take it to them and show them why they did.

The Pier: Much love to you guys and thanks for your time in answering these questions!

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Interview by: Matt Emodi