Interview: Pacific Dub

Interview: Pacific Dub

On tour with New Politics and Dirty Heads, The Pier caught up with some of dub rocks youngest talent in the scene, Pacific Dub to find out what comes next for these late teen/early twenty something fun loving Hunington Beach kids.

The Pier: We were fortunate to catch your entire 30 minute set tonight before our interview and really enjoyed it. Do you guys consider this your late winter or early spring tour?
Pacific Dub: Thanks man! We are calling this the spring tour

The Pier: You guys are some young and fresh faces to the dub rock scene. Is this a product of some high school friends that formed a band?
Pacific Dub: We range from 19-21 in age and met at the beach actually. Some of us are from the Santa Barbra area and some of us are from the O.C. A couple of the guys went to school together and Shawn fell right in through a party. A Craigslist party.

The Pier: Sounds like Shawn found the right party! You guys have started this year out hitting the road hard. How did these tours with Iration and Dirty Heads come together for you?
Pacific Dub: The Dirty Heads have been some close friends of ours for a while now and we both come from the same home town. We have played some shows with them before but never a tour with consecutive dates and they were kind enough to invite us out on this tour. We feel blessed to be here. Iration took us out on our first tour last spring and we had a great time playing with those guys. They have invited us back on tour with them again and we are stoked to play with those guys.

The Pier: You guys released your latest single “Best Of All Time” in late 2010 and are now in the studio with Lew from 17th st Recordings working on new material. Can we expect a 4th coming album out in time for the summer?
Pacific Dub: Big up to Lew! We are trying really hard to get it out by the summer. Like you said, we have been in the studio working hard and we have got a few songs tracked and we are doing some pre-production on the rest of them. We will have to see what tour dates get in the way of us getting back into the studio.

The Pier: Can we look forward to some guest appearances on this next album?
Pacific Dub: Whoo! Hey turn off the recorder!
The Pier: (Laughs) Oh come on…
Pacific Dub: (Laughs) You have to wait like everyone else. We have a few tricks up our sleves.

The Pier: Fair enough. How does the writing process work in Pacific Dub?
Pacific Dub: (Ryan)- I write everything! Na seriously we all do our part and put in our two cents when writing music.

The Pier: When you guys are out on tour what do you like to do in your down time? Maybe a little Frisbee golf?
Pacific Dub: We like to play ass. Its this game that we learned from Iration. This tour has been a big throw up tour and we all have stomach viruses

The Pier:…. Hmm. (Laughs) What are you guys jamming to on your i-Pods at the moment?
Pacific Dub: Wow. We like everything from Incubus to De La Soul. We like a lot of the New Zealand bands too like “Katchafire”, “Black Seeds” and “Fat Freddy’s Drop”.

The Pier: Right on fellas! Thanks for your time and good luck with the rest of the tour.

Interview by: Chad Hillje
Photography by: Kit Chalberg

Pacific Dub performing Dreaming acoustic @ The Moboogie Loft