Interview: Slightly Stoopid

Interview: Slightly Stoopid

Located in Morrison, Colorado is one of, if not the most beautiful venue in the world, Red Rocks. On August 6th, 2011 The Pier was invited back stage before Slightly Stoopid was set to play to a near sold out show on their Seedless Summer Tour. It has been a while since we have had the chance to interview Stoopid’s drummer RyMo and we made sure to ask the questions the fans want to hear. Such questions cover a possible Acoustic Roots 2 album, when we can expect the next E.P and their take on Sublime with Rome. Enjoy!

The Pier: You have a new song with Don Carlos titled “Mary u Wanna” that you have been playing live while on tour. Is this song w/Don Carlos expected to be on the new album?
Stoopid: We are hoping to put that song on the new album. We recorded it at our new studio in San Diego. We built the place out and had a bunch of friends come down and Don was one of them, so we worked out that piece and anticipate putting it on the next album.

The Pier: I assume you guys had C-Money there too?
Stoopid: Oh yeah, we had everyone! Money, G-Love, Barington Levy, Del The Funky Homosapien, Carl Denson and just a whole bunch of really cool artists came down

The Pier: Snoop Dogg?
Stoopid: No, he hasn’t been down there. He is a little too big. (Laughs)

The Pier: Right on. You guys use to cover Don Carlos’s song “Pass Me The Laserbeam” live. Fans want to know if there is any interest or plans to cut a studio version of “Laserbeam” with him?
Stoopid: We probably won’t cut a studio version but we are performing that song out on this tour. We have got about 4-5 tunes of his that we have been circulating on tour.

The Pier: Do you guys have a set list?
Stoopid: No, hence the name… When we do write one, we usually write it an hour or two out from show time. Every venue and place we go too has its own vibe and we like to incorporate songs that fit that setting.

The Pier: That makes perfect sense. Acoustic Roots was an instant hit that went viral the second it was released. We wanna kill the rumors and ask, are there any plans in the near future to release a follow up to Acoustic Roots?
Stoopid: Man, I hope so! That was one of my favorite records too and was actually done before my time. Miles and Kyle basically rolled in to a radio station to do a live set and I’m sure had a few beers and a couple pipes down and just started recording. It was pretty casual and I think that’s why it has become such a fan favorite. Something I was thinking was that it would be cool if they did the next one half just them two and the other half with the whole band. Kinda like an unplugged thing ya know? It would still be like an “Acoustic Roots 2” but with both angles.

The Pier: That would be insane… You guys have not put out any new material since “Chronchitis” in 2007 and “Slightly not stoned enough to eat breakfast yet Stoopid” in 2008. When can we expect a new release?
Stoopid: We are definitely due for one now. We should have something out for sure by next spring. We have a ton of stuff recorded, it’s just not ready to go at this point.

The Pier: Early on, you guys had a close relationship with Sublime. What are your thoughts on the reformation and is there any interest in playing or touring with the new Sublime?
Stoopid: We wish them the best. Miles and Kyle were friends with Brad Nowell and Brad signed them to Skunk Records in 1995 I think. It was Brad and Miguel Happoldt that gave Miles and Kyle their start. We wish them the best though and I hope it goes well. I’m not sure what we have in terms of a tour. It’s great music and the fans want it, so why not give them what they want? That being said it’s hard to replace a front man that was so charismatic as Brad was. In all due respect to him, it is what it is and the fans want the music so you can’t keep the music from the fans.

The Pier: It is a bit of a touchy subject but the music belongs to Eric and Bud too.
Stoopid: Absolutely, they should be able to play their music too because they contributed a lot to that project. It wasn’t just one person.

The Pier: Your record label “Stoopid Records” consist of you guys, The Expendables and Outlaw Nation. Are there any plans of extending that catalog of artist in the near future?
Stoopid: Yes there is. I’m not sure what we have in the works but we have been talking with other artist and I cannot mention any names at the moment because things are not finalized. We are always talking to different groups and now that we are the older guys, we want to extend a helping hand to acts that are just getting started, just like Brad and Miguel did for our band through Skunk.

The Pier: We want to congratulate you on all of your success and thank you for your time Rymo!
Stoopid: Thank you! It has been a wild ride.

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Interview by: Chad Hillje and Kyle Hillje
Photos by: Kit Chalberg