Interview: Slightly Stoopid

Interview: Slightly Stoopid

As the Seedless Summer Tour came to a close, The Pier was more than privileged to catch up with Kyle (singer/bass/guitar) from Slightly Stoopid. It was a warm Arizona night, but Slightly Stoopid had the barbecue fired up backstage and the ice chests filled with beverages from all over the world. So, we sat around a picnic table and talked about the love of music, when to expect Slightly Stoopid’s next album, and even a trip to Anchorage, Alaska! That’s right, Alaska. Enjoy!

The Pier: We are here in Mesa, Arizona. You have two more shows left on the Seedless Summer Tour: tonight and Irvine Meadows tomorrow. How do you feel about the tour so far?
Slightly Stoopid: It’s lovely, man. Sometimes you can try to dream some shit like this, but I can’t fall asleep and even try to dream some shit like this everyday. It’s really nice to be surrounded by good people, family, brothers, and good music and good people. It’s really nice.

The Pier: How do you guys feel going out every night and performing a couple songs with Don Carlos?
Slightly Stoopid: Yeah, Don Carlos is a big hero. I think I can speak for the world, I don’t think there is anybody out there that wouldn’t like Don Carlos’ music. Just for us to be able to roll and hang out with him, let alone play music is just huge. He is the coolest guy. Not only is he the best musician, singer that you can find out there, but he is also the nicest, humblest, coolest guy. We look up to him in all forms.

The Pier: Along with cool guys you have played with, what about Fishbone? You were able to play with Fishbone last weekend at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. How was it to meet up with them again?
Slightly Stoopid: Fishbone, like I said, they are another one of our family of brothers. When we get to hang out with our brothers, nothing is better. Life is short, when we get to hang out and appreciate each other, that is what life is all about. And to hang out with Fishbone… those motherfuckers know! John Steward, you know!

The Pier: Fishbone is releasing a new documentary called “Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone,” Did they interview you or anyone from Slightly Stoopid? Because they have some heavy-hitters featured like Gwen Stefani from No Doubt was interviewed and bands that were starting up in ’82-’83 like Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction. Do you have any thoughts on that, because they basically paved the way for punk rock in Los Angeles?
Slightly Stoopid: U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi, you’re fuckin’ ugly. That’s the shit! I mean Fishbone…you pretty much hit it all in a nutshell. I don’t have to say anything. They are cool ass brothers, too. They are all family to Slightly Stoopid with Silverback. It’s just great to hang with them.

The Pier: This past week Slightly Stoopid had the chance to go into TRI Studios with Grateful Dead co-founder Bob Weir and to play “Know Your Rider,” how amazing was that?
Slightly Stoopid: Oh that shit was insane! Bob is the man! I love that song! My son’s name is Rider. So, when I play that song, I think of him. Whenever I hear that song, I think of little Rider. I love that song, man. It has always been one of my favorites. To play it with a guy like Bob, it don’t get no better than that!

The Pier: During that same webcast, Tommy Chong had a little Q&A session, and C-Money (trumpet) brought up a myth about how reggae started in the summer — an absolute summer of Arizona-type heat in Jamaica, and the bands slowed down the ska rhythm. Is there any truth to that, and are you going to bring that flavor tonight in the same weather?
Slightly Stoopid: Well, we like to play everything, man. Playing one type of music isn’t for us. Other artists, it cuts it for them. But for us we like so much different kind of shit. The only thing that we don’t really play is pop, country, and fucking techno. Everything else, it is just a party. We love all types of music.

The Pier: Now, you guys are pretty much road dogs. If your name was not Slightly Stoopid, it would probably be “Road Dogs” because you are always on the road…
Slightly Stoopid: Yeah, me and Miles were talking about it earlier, because when we used to travel through Mesa and all of Arizona in our Dodge van, we would just be wrapping an ice rag around our neck. We didn’t have A/C. It just brings back memories. Just to travel, it is always good for you to get out of your element. Anytime you can wake up everyday and do something different, you know. I don’t care if you are in jail, try and mix it up. Try to do something different. Instead of doing pushups, do sit-ups everyday, do pull-ups, run, just switch it up everyday no matter where you’re at. Because, anytime you switch up your mind and what you are doing, it is always good for your mind and body. Humiliate yourself a couple times a day, and just stay humble.

The Pier: Along with being “Road Dogs,” is there one city in the United States that you would love to go to or haven’t made a stop yet? Or even a state, have you been to Alaska?
Slightly Stoopid: Yeah, we actually just played Anchorage for the first time a couple months ago and it was beautiful. We did the 5k marathon…I was just walking and the marathon was running past me. So, once I got to where I was going, I turned around and joined the marathon and ran all the way back, and ended up on the opposite side of town. Anchorage, you have a beautiful city. You take care of your place. It is just beautiful. We went to the Alaskan museum checked out all the Eskimos…I want to build an igloo in my backyard. I love it!

The Pier: I wouldn’t call it a break, but you are hitting up the Rombello Cruise (Tampa, FL to Cozumel, Mexico) at the end of September (Sep 29th – Oct 3rd). Is that more of a vacation for you guys even though you play three or four shows on it? So, how are you going to enjoy and approach that trip?
Slightly Stoopid: Anytime we get to play music, have a couple drinks, say, “what’s up to the fans,” hang out…it is just great. You can’t beat it!

The Pier: And the crowd is pretty insane tonight!
Slightly Stoopid: Yeah! Mesa (AZ) always rocks! Last time we were here with Pepper and Sly and Robbie… I got to give a shout-out to Pepper! What’s up Kaleo, Brett, Yesod, Chief? Shout-out to Sly and Robbie, too!

The Pier: Just to close this out, it has been three years since your last studio release, “Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid”…You guys built your own studio down in San Diego with a skate park inside of it, when is the music coming out?
Slightly Stoopid: We are pretty much done with the record. It is just politics, so whenever that is done it will be out. You can look for it in 2012 in the spring…early in the spring. Yeah, we make a lot of music in our studio and just go and skate and have a good time!

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Interview by: Kris Siuta
Photos by: Kit Chalberg and David Norris