Interview: Sono Vero

Interview: Sono Vero

On tour supporting their iTunes top-ten reggae chart EP, self-titled “Sono Vero”, The Pier caught up with the youngest, hard working band in the reggae/rock genre on their second stop of their tour in Denver, Colorado. Together, we discussed what it’s like to be on the road with family and being too young to enter the 21 & Up venues we all love and enjoy each weekend. Something tells me that these kids still find a way to have a good time. Enjoy!…

The Pier: In researching your guys’ band name, I discovered that it means “Sound from Truth” in Latin. What was the inspiration in coming up with the name “Sono Vero”?
Sono Vero: We had a show booked and did not have a name yet, so we had a Latin dictionary and found the words “Sono” and “Vero”, then put them together and “Sono Vero” was born.

The Pier: There is some advice to kids starting a band. Check out the Latin dictionary!
Sono Vero: There ya go!

The Pier: I hear you kids are pretty young. You are all in high school, am I right?
Sono Vero: True, but four of us actually graduated this year.

The Pier: Congratulations on that! Because of your youth, do you have any pre-arrangements with your parents while out on the road so that they can somewhat keep track of their blooming young rock stars? Like a mandatory phone call every night before bed?
Sono Vero: You just reminded us, we should call…Dillon’s dad is the one driving the RV, and we all have to keep in touch with our parents. We even have parent meetings sometimes. They keep us on track!

The Pier: Don’t wanna worry mom! You guys have stated that there is no limit to your influences in your bio. Is this true? Do you guys find influence in other extremes such as hard core or country music?
Sono Vero: Aaron likes hard core! Bands like “As I Lay Dying” and “As Blood Runs Black”. (Aaron) “I, hardly even listen to reggae actually. Eric and I listen to a lot of soul, hip-hop and R&B.” (Ollie) “Me and the rest of the guys are the reggae fanatics in the band. We are especially big fans of the New Zealand reggae scene! ” We all take bits and pieces from all genres of music and make our music what it is.

The Pier: So what ultimately brought you guys to the forefront of being a reggae band?
Sono Vero: It’s what we all love the most.

The Pier: You guys have been together for only a short time and already seem to have found your groove. What are some obstacles that you guys found most difficult to deal with while paving your way into the reggae/rock scene?
Sono Vero: Not being 21! That has been a huge damper on our experience thus far. (Eric) “Check this out! This has happened two times. We are in San Diego, and are playing at this place called Winston’s and reggae bands play there often. The staff told us that they knew we were all underage and we know the deal and told us we could go on. We started playing, and two songs into the set, we heard the mic from the sound booth come on and the sound guy says, “Yo, uh… managers just came in and found out you guys were under 21. No go.You guys need to get off stage.” The thing is, that they cleared us to play knowing that we were minors. Apparently nobody is even allowed into that venue under the age of 18 at any time so it was total bull shit.”

The Pier: This is one of those moments where I want to tell you to enjoy your youth, but that part I can understand as very difficult to deal with. You guys have only been together a little less than a year and it did not take you guys very long to sign on to a management company, “Dub City Music”. How did this relationship develop?
Sono Vero: (Aaron) I work with “Dub City Music” and we are represented by them. I work with the CEO of the company. I have my senior year next year and after that I want to go to USC and study artist management. That’s what I want to do.

The Pier: That’s a nice connection! Do you guys manage any other bands at “Dub City Music”?
Sono Vero: (Aaron) No, just Sono Vero

The Pier: Your 5 track EP has been well received. I think your fans would like to know when we could expect a full-length album?
Sono Vero: We would hope by next spring or summer. We want to spend time on making a quality record. A lot of bands will write music and try to force a record and then when it’s done only one or two tracks are good and the rest of the album is shit. We don’t want to do that.

The Pier: That is true for many genres. I think that’s a smart move to ride the EP wave for another year and make gold! Your EP, in my opinion, is very good. I have listened to it quite a few times and have never felt the need to fast forward to the next track. I will look forward to whatever you guys come up with.
Sono Vero: Well thanks man!

The Pier: Enjoy your summer tour guys! We will be rooting for ya.

Interview by: Chad Hillje
Photos by: Kit Chalberg
Edited by: Kyle Hillje