Interview: Three Legged Fox

Interview: Three Legged Fox

It’s been since the 2009 release of Not As Far that Three Legged Fox has dished out an album. From the home town of Wallingford, Pennsylvania, Three Legged Fox will be digitally releasing their new 12 track, self-produced album Always Anyway, on August 16th, 2011. This will be the groups 3rd album release in 5 years. The first single off the new album is “Let You Down,” with a music video to boot. Following the album release, Three Legged Fox plans on touring to promote the album in major cities nationwide. The Demo process for this album alone was 10-11 months and now that their album is finally here, The Pier caught up with the group to answer a few questions regarding their new release. Enjoy!

The Pier: Congratulations on the release of your new album! What should fans expect with Always, Anyway and how does this compare to prior releases?
3LF: Always Anyway is the latest evolution of the 3LF sound. Fans can expect a louder, fuller album with a heavier sonic signature than our previous releases

The Pier: You told The Pier that your last albums were all so “simple”. What do you mean by simple? Also, what did you do differently with Always, Anyway?
3LF: Our first album, IDEAS, is about as ‘simple’ as it gets. We recorded the whole thing on a Korg D1600 workstation. All takes were live and in most cases were first tries. We did very little in terms of overdubs and used no effects, EQ filters, compression, etc. The album, Not As Far, was helmed by Producer Chris DiBenneditto (GLove, Slightly Stoopid, The Movement). He did an amazing job on that album and we learned a lot from him, but because we were paying for studio time, we couldn’t afford the hours necessary to really arrange every song the way we would have wanted. The sounds on Not As Far are also more organic than the sounds on Always Anyway. We used a lot of room mics for guitars and drums and left the vocals relatively un-processed. Always Anyway was produced solely by us. We’ve had a studio for a few years now and have become fairly fluent in pro-tools. A lot of the production techniques came as a result of trial and error, but we finally got to produce each song exactly the way we wanted.

The Pier: I understand that this album was self-recorded and produced inside singer Kyles home studio, is that right? What were some of the challenges in self-producing your album vs. going to a studio and working with a producer?
3LF: There are many challenges presented when you decide to do everything yourself. None of us have any formal training in sound engineering/mixing/etc. so we had to learn as we went. Making a good sounding record is so much more than just setting up a mic and hitting record. You also lose the objective point of view of the producer making it difficult sometimes to criticize the music from the outside. Hundreds of hours were put in to making this album, many of those hours spent reading magazines like Tape Op and Mix and tweaking every possible sound until we got what we wanted.

The Pier: Is the music video for new song Let You Down your first? Who was behind the production of the video & how did this come together?
3LF: Let You Down is our first music video; It sprung from Kory’s vision. We’re a 100% independent band so we didn’t have a big budget. We called our friend George Morgan over at GGM productions in South Philly and asked if he could do us a favor. We told him what our budget was and we determined that we could afford about a week to shoot, edit, and deliver a music video. We spent two 13 hour days of shooting in several locations including my house (beginning scene), 30th St. Station, and an indie film studio called MBN, with a crew of four and a handful of really high-quality cameras. I think the result was something that really looks and feels professional. Just like Always Anyway, the Let You Down video was self-conceived and produced.

The Pier: Which song off the new album would you say is best translating live and why?
3LF: In the 18 or so months that we spent writing the material for this album we kept in mind how each song would translate live. I think that as a result of that planning, each song translates really well at a show. There are certain sections of certain songs that are just impossible to actually reproduce live (reversals, bass wobbles) but we’ve found some fun ways around them!

The Pier: I read that you guys have toured with many nationwide reggae acts. Who’s on the 3LF’s tour wish list? Any groups in particular you’d like to share the stage with?
3LF: We’d like to tour with some bands outside of our genre. I think that some of this new material will appeal to fans of lots of different kinds of music. I love reggae, and the reggae fans, but I think it’d be fun to challenge ourselves to connect with a slightly different audience. I don’t know, maybe The Black Crowes? I’d love to meet Rich Robinson!

The Pier: You guys have a few concerts planned in the fall along the East coast; are there any plans to take your music out west for a tour?
3LF: We’re currently working on routing a West Coast tour this fall…possibly October. We plan to hit every region of the country over the next year(s).

Well we’ll be looking forward to the tour from east to west & back east again. Be sure to check out Three Legged Fox’s new album, Always Anyway now available on iTunes by clicking HERE! Thank you so much for the time, love & support!

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Interview by: Matt Emodi
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Photos by: Bill Colbridge

Here is the official music video to the first single off the new album. Song is called Let You Down, Enjoy!