Iration & The Expendables Fall Tour!

Iration & The Expendables Fall Tour!

Two of our favorite headling reggae-rock bands are teaming up this fall! Iration and The Expendables are hitting the road together! Joined up by Cisco Adler, the guys that rock our favorite tunes including “Falling” and “Bowl for Two” will be shared on one stage.

Besides their classic hits, fans can hope to hear some of this new music that these bands have set to release. Iration fans are anxiously waiting for the highly anticipated release of their newest album Automatic!

With new songs like “Porcupine,” “Back Around,” and “Show Me” already hitting the ears of fans at recent shows, Iration is ready to share their new tunes with fans on this tour as well.

Vocalist and guitarist Micah Pueschel told The Pier how pumped the band is for the tour. ”We are stoked to be heading out on a co-headline tour with our boys, The Expendables. We’re also pumped to have Cisco Adler supporting. We all have new music and look forward to rocking it in your town!!”

The Expendables also have new material and more in the works. They released their first full acoustic album Gone Soft back in May this year. With production of the latest album at their new warehouse, the Santa Cruz band shared that they are already working on some new electric material.

Lead guitarist Raul Bianchi exclusively shared with The Pier his thoughts on the upcoming tour:
“We haven’t been on tour with our good friends in Iration since our first Winter Blackout tour in 2010 so we are excited to get back on the road with them. We just have to make sure that we keep our bus and our liquor cabinet locked. This is gonna be a fun co-headlining tour with us switching off closing. Then we got Cisco to round out the bill. I hadn’t heard much about his new music until he signed on. He has been very versatile musically, with his previous bands Shwayze and Whitestarr, and his new album “Aloha” fits very well with the vibe we are bringing to the tour. It’s gonna be a tour full of high, positive energy and a lot of partying. I don’t recommend anybody miss this tour.”

With new music in the works and some ready to drop into our music collection, The Expendables and Iration are joining forces to create the ultimate reggae-rock atmosphere! Stay tuned with The Pier for tour dates and locations near you!

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Article By: Alyssa Torres

Video: Iration performing an acoustic version of “No Time,” which is will be on the upcoming album, Automatic.

Video: The Expendables’ “Trying To Focus”