J Boog’s Keep Di Road Dusty Tour

J Boog’s Keep Di Road Dusty Tour

J Boog Tour 2015

This spring and as of TODAY, J Boog has set out on the Keep Di Road Dusty Tour, traveling across the US with Inna Vision and Westafa.

J Boog Tour 2015

Following a winter tour supporting The Green and a recent run with SOJA, this spring J Boog will once again headline a tour of his own. Playing alongside the Hot Rain Band the Keep Di Road Dusty Tour will cross the country through the end of April.

Hitting 16 states, these 30 shows will each deliver a night full of music opening with a regional reggae favorite and supporting sets from Hawaii’s Inna Vision and Westafa. The tour will work its way up California before spending a night each in Nevada, Utah and Colorado. After a week playing across the Midwest, the tour ends the month in Burlington, Vermont. In April the Dusty tour travels down the east coast, for a five show run around Florida.

As the bands heads back west they’ll make a stop in Arizona before ending the run playing through California.

For more about these artists, their music and details about their tour dates, check out the details below.

J Boog Tour Dates:
j boog Tour Dates

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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