Jack Johnson’s “Sandy” Relief

Jack Johnson’s “Sandy” Relief

The east coast has long been a hotbed for reggae-rock touring acts. But, recently with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, one of the most prominent musical acts stepped up to support and donate to relief efforts.

In the wake of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, Jack Johnson conducted immediate relief efforts and announced a long term recovery efforts in the affected areas. With tens of thousands displaced and many others still without power, Johnson acted quickly, donating to six organizations providing food, water, medicine and on the ground medical support for thousands.

On top of that, the onslaught of precipitation and cold weather did not let up for the mid-atlantic and east coast areas already affected. To help combat the cold weather, Jack Johnson shipped out 3,000 warm sweatshirts and thermal shirts from his merchandise warehouse to the non-profit organization, Waves For Water.

Jack is encouraging others to support relief and recovery efforts in any way they can. He is asking people to consider donating food, supplies, time or money to organizations working on the ground in local communities in need. Even though Jack Johnson does not have ties to the east coast, aside from touring the region extensively throughout his rise in the music industry, a musician from Oahu, Hawaii is showing his concern in actions and donations.

For a list of organizations along the east coast, especially New York and New Jersey, see below for links and further details. Remember, every little bit counts at anytime!

Donate Food
Food Bank for New York City
Food Banf for New Jersey

Donate Time
NYC Service
Jersey Cares
Hands On Network

Donate Money
Save The Children
Waves For Water
Global Giving

Article By: Kris Siuta

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