Jeff Monser Details ‘Field of Haze Festival’

Jeff Monser Details ‘Field of Haze Festival’

The Pier is pleased to welcome the newest addition to our reggae festival family with the Field Of Haze festival! Festival creator Jeff Monser of Monser Presents (and creator of California Roots Music & Arts Festival), shares the inside scoop to his new creation and a sneak peak at what event goers can expect.

The event will take place April 16th in Oroville Ca. This one day gathering is stacked with fan favorite artists like Pepper, J Boog, The Green, Zion I and much more! You can read about the festival by clicking HERE!

To be clear, while Jeff started California Roots Festival, Field of Haze stands on its own under Monser Presents. With the evolving popularity of Reggae-Rock music and the number of festivals increasing each year, Jeff was kind enough to address what makes Field of Haze unique and why fans of both reggae-rock music and cannabis, should be excited for this festival to unfold.

From Jeff Monser:

Starting a Cannabis Based Festival…

“I really wanted to do a festival that supported the cannabis movement in Field of Haze FestivalCalifornia, that’s been a focus of mine for some time. Marijuana has had its many benefits in my life and I’m an advocate for not only its many health benefits, yet the use for it in building homes and manufacturing goods. It’s a sustainable product that could greatly help our air quality and provide more jobs. We have an educational area at the fest with speakers and such and I’m excited about that. I want to help spread the goodness of what the earth gave us, so supporting the movement is important.”

With Success Comes Growth & New Challenges…

“I have fests in Avila Beach, North Carolina, Sacramento and Monterey. Fest goers are a mixed crowd of all walks of life; It’s cool to come together and have people from all different beliefs be one-unit when they are in front of music. I founded Cali Roots in 2010 and when I see where I’ve gone and how both I, and the various brands I own have evolved, I’m still in awe. My thought with producing Field Of Haze is to make this a nice, family chill-type of festival that is conducive to the legal cannabis users, providing a 215 zone. There are many far North, California communities and people that just don’t have the funds to drive to Sac, or Monterey. I hear it all the time, how people wish they could go. That’s why the price of tickets is only $35 bucks – so people can come, have a great time and have a small piece of the Cali Roots lifestyle in Nor Cal’s backyard. This festival and Dry Diggings are two that I’m doing solo, under Monser Presents. I wanted to expand on what I do and grow something from that infant stage again and watch it grow with my family and friends right beside me. There’s something magical about the process of growing something from that beginning phase and growing it into something you’re really proud of -– there is nothing like it.”

“This fest particularly has the demographic to pull from Oregon and Washington. We are right near Redding, Chico and close enough to Sac to make it work. I realize it will take some time, as it’s a tougher market – yet I’m confident it will do well in the long run and supporting the 420 movement is important to me. With over 38 million people in California last I checked, I think we’ll be okay in due time.”

What About The Legal Challenges of a Cannabis Based Festival?

“One thing that is important to me is that we do everything within the legal guidelines and we are making sure we are following those guidelines for California. These types of fests aren’t uncommon. The Emerald Cup is a small and beautiful monster in Santa Rosa and it works — people love it. We have a 215 zone for legal marijuana users, who have a medical marijuana card. The 215 zone is sectioned off and 215 Zonethat is the cannabis section of the festival. The festival as a whole is much more than weed; it’s about family, amazing talent — like Pepper, J Boog, The Green, Zion I, Through The Roots and many more. All of these bands I consider my friends. Lets be real, I like to throw parties and that’s exactly what I’m doing — throwing a party that is true to who I am and in an area that many of my Northern California friends can enjoy. Good music, good times with good friends and a little bit of the ganja is what it’s all about.”

In Closing…

“Those who know me, know I’m a bit shy. I like to keep a low profile for the most part and give the limelight to those around me. To me it’s not about getting attention, it’s about the family and comradery. Pot helps me come out of my shell a bit — I mean everybody has his or her thing and I guess you could say that’s mine. I just want to create great memories for everybody — that’s what I’m into. As a father of two and a husband to my beautiful wife, they are always on the forefront of my thoughts. Everything I do I have my family in mind. I want to be an example for them and others that you can do anything you want to do in life with hard work, the right team and dedication.”

“I hope everyone enjoys my first weed-friendly fest. It’s going to be a chill, good time and I’m stoked to be able to give something to all the fans in Northern California in their own backyard. Actually, if anyone reads down this far and wants to come, punch in THEPIER in the promo code when buying a ticket and I’ll give you 15% off. I appreciate everyone who comes out to each fest.”

— Jeff Monser, Monser Presents

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Article By: Julia Goodman