Jelly of the Month Club Release!

Jelly of the Month Club Release!

No, this is not a monthly subscription for jelly that you would order your grandmother. This is the name of the newly formed band right out of Long Beach, CA. The immense amount of talent this band has is far from amateur.

Band Lineup:
Bert Susanka (The Ziggens) – vox/rhythm guitar
Mic Dangerously (Zen Robbi) – vox/bass/lead guitar/banjo
Mr. Crumb – vox/keys/accordian/spoons/ukulele
Bud Gaugh(Sublime/LBDA) – drums
Todd Foreman (Sublime) – sax/clarinet/keys/aux percussion

The band formed when Todd Forman and Bert Susanka decided to combine the talents of different members from the reggae scene they had played with into one super group. The next addition to the band was Bud Gaugh, Mic Dangerously and Mr. Crumb, completing the group.

Todd Foreman explains “Bert and I were dying to collaborate with Mic as we’d been fans of Zen Robbi for years; Bert, Bud and I had daydreamed about making a kid’s record one day, Mic and Crumb couldn’t wait to play with their ‘idols’ from Sublime and the Ziggens, and once we all heard what Crumb could do, we all became instant fans”

Once the band solidified, they began writing with a focus on some good, clean, G-Rated music for all ages. Mic Dangerously adds in “Yes Jelly of the Month Club is a band that plays music for children, but trust me when I say it is fun for the whole family, I promise you’ll dig it too Mom and Dad!”

The variety of topics in their material ranges from the deep perceptions of the hardships in life, to a lighthearted song about waffles.

Recording for the new full-length album took place at Mic’s home Hollywoodstock Studios in Long Beach, CA. Bud Gaugh tells The Pier, “Even with never playing with Mic or Crumb, we all gelled together well. The recording went flawlessly. 10 songs in 5 days, and I must admit, I didn’t spend much time with pre-production as I should have, but this way I didn’t pigeon hole any songs by their demo tracks, kinda kept that more live feel.”

Todd continues by explaining “Another goal was that we did not want to “baby down” our music. We feel we’ve been successful at creating songs and music that are universal and will be enjoyed by all.”

So for all you longtime Sublime, Ziggens & Zen Robbi fans that grew up with their music, why not play your kids some child friendly music from the guys that contributed to the soundtrack of your own youth?

Stay tuned for more updates as they’re made available to us!

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Article By: Erin Walsh