Jimkata’s “Remix In Light” ft Passafire

Jimkata’s “Remix In Light” ft Passafire


Back in March of this year, Ithaca, NY’s Jimkata released their new EP Feel In Light, a record with a summertime vibe that spotlights Jimkata’s refined electro-rock sound. Now the band has released Remix In Light, a project that features 8 songs off the EP remixed by other artists including members of Passafire!

Jimkata’s first studio effort since 2012’s Die Digital, both of which were produced by Jacko Randall (John Brown’s Body), the new EP has the sound of a band that has found its voice after years of experimentation. Feel In Light is more Indie-Rock than Jam, and more Electro-Pop than EDM, yet the music of the four-piece appeals to a multitude of audiences.

On July 31st, Jimkata followed up their Feel In Light EP with Remix In Light. This new release features 8 songs from their album “Feel in Light”, remixed by other artists. Of the 4 tracks on Feel In Light each one was remixed twice for Remix In Light.

Included in these tracks are 2 that have been remixed by Ted Bowne and Mike DeGuzman of Passafire. Back in 2012 Jimkata Drummer, Packy Lunn did work on Passafire’s Remixed From Scratch, for the “Kiss My Head” Weisil Dust Remix. Now its seems as if Passafire has returned the favor.

Taking the first track off Feel In Light, Passafire Guitarist and Vocalist, Ted Bowne, added a dub-reggae vibe to “Beat the Curse.” Explaining his work on the piece, Bowne told The Pier “After listening to all of the songs all the way through, I decided that this one really spoke to me the most. I happened to be at my Dad’s house in Lexington, KY when I recorded most of the instrumentation for this remix. It’s a mixture of organinc/acoustic instruments and MIDI sequencing which is sort of the whole vibe of Jimkata to me. I am pretty partial to reggae, so I decided to try to make this a very “dubby” version. I actually borrowed a synth riff from one of Jimkata’s older songs called ‘Chalice III’ that you can hear throughout the song if you listen for it.”

Passafire Keyboardist Mike DeGuzman, and his GooZe Productions is known for his musicality and ability to compose and produce. For this project, DeGuzman remixed the EP’s title track “Feel The Light.” After listening to these two bands, it is easy to hear that Jimkata has a very different sound when compared to Passafire, “I had fun putting this together, since Passafire songs don’t typically use a lot of synthesizers.” DeGuzmna told The Pier. “Doing a remix for ‘Feel In Light’ provided me with an outlet to experiment with electronic rock, while still trying to maintain Jimkata’s style & approach.”

Remix In Light is available for free on Jimkata’s Bandcamp Page, or you can listen to it below.

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Article By: Aaron Solomon