Joe Samba’s Ballad “Love Votive” Offers Acceptance & Love

Joe Samba’s Ballad “Love Votive” Offers Acceptance & Love

Photo Provided By Joe Samba

Today, we have the exclusive look at Joe Samba’s newest video for the ballad “Love Votive.” The video was shot by @Revelry Studios as an acoustic take in the middle of the Keys on a sandbar. The fast-rising musician is most known for his soulful, funky, and fun-loving performances, and with the new video we get an intimate look at the songwriter and musician, Joe Samba explains:

“Love Votive” is a song that explores the road to self acceptance. The battle through depression, doubt, trauma and hard conversation. This is a song that was written to offer love, not only to the world but to oneself.  “Votive” comes from the word “Vow” or “Offering”. The offering of love, and healing. Giving yourself the power to continue after going through the trenches of depression, and rediscover the love you have to offer the world.”

“Love Votive” is off his sophomore release “Far From Forever.” It is his first full-length release out with the epic LAW Records. The Pier caught up with Samba right before the album’s release in May with a preview and an in-depth interview — check it out HERE!  The Billboard chart topping artist has been touring in support of the new record, check out the full touring dates HERE

The “Love Votive” music video is dropping on Friday! And ICYMI you can stream “Far From Forever” here:

By Mercedes Romana