Josh Heinrichs Covers Adele (Stream)

Josh Heinrichs Covers Adele (Stream)

On November 13th, Josh Heinrichs will release his reggae rendering of Adele’s chart topping single “Set Fire To The Rain”. But wait, it gets better as the cover has been produced by reggae artist & producer, Stick Figure

“We had been talking about doing a collaboration together for awhile now”, explains Scott Woodruff, the man behind Stick Figure. “We thought that this could be a fun project and somethign that people would enjoy. It was a lot of fun making the music to this and I’m especially impressed with how Josh threw down his vocals”.

While maintaining the song’s original soulful sound, Stick Figure manages to capture an authentic reggae essence as well. As you can hear in the FREE stream below, the combination of Stick Figure’s production & Josh’s vocals makes this an enjoyable addition to add to anyone’s music collection.

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Josh Heinrichs passionate take on the vocals also makes this track really stand out. As a veteran of lovers and soulful reggae, Josh seems at ease on this song. “I fell in love with Adele’s ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ Reggesta DJ remix version on Youtube and had to take a stab at my own acoustic cover” adds Josh Heinrichs. “After I posted my version on Youtube, I received an email from Stick Figure saying he liked it and was interested in recording a collaboration of it together”.

Fans can add this single to their own play-lists & musical library as soon as Tuesday November 13th when the song will be made available via iTunes. View the YouTube video below of Josh Heinrichs performing the song Acoustic & check out the links below that include FREE music from both artists inside our MP3 Massive section!

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Josh Heinrichs acoustic rendering of Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain”