June 2015 Album Releases

June 2015 Album Releases

It’s truly summer here in the US. Not only does the calendar officially state it as such, but the heat around the country really marks the season. This time of year the atmosphere isn’t the only thing burning up though. New releases continue to stay hot in June as artists drop new material ahead of their summer tours.

This month delivers a list of long awaited releases from a few of our long-time favorites, as well as new material from both rising stars and legends. In June there is plenty of new albums with tunes that will either help keep the summer moving or help beat the heat on a slow day by the water.

Listening to the mainstream conversations, plenty of recommendations for new album releases will be heard for great artists like The Rolling Stones, Florence + The Machine, Muse, Barenaked Ladies, Kacey Musgraves, Of Monsters and Men, or even the return of The Darkness.

For June, The Pier has a few other excellent recommendations. All just released this month, be sure to check out these 9 new albums from the reggae rock world.

If there are any albums we missed, drop them in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter.

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    Major Lazer – Peace Is The Mission
    Release Date: June 1st

    Following 2013’s Free the Universe and 2014’s Apocalypse Soon, the Diplo dancehall project known as Major Lazer released the trio’s highly anticipated third full length record.

    Said to be the first installment of several records to come, this initial volume, titled Peace is the Mission, contains 9 tracks and featured and impressive list of 14 guest stars. Expertly crafted by the infamous producer and the act’s Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, also collaborating on Peace Is The Mission is, , DJ Snake, Ariana Grande, Pusha T, Travis $cott, Ellie Goulding, Tarrus Riley, Chronixx and several more.

    You can pick up Peace Is The Mission on Amazon now, by clicking HERE.


    Byron Lee – Uptown Top Ranking
    Release Date: June 9th

    In the 1960s Byron Lee founded the label Dynamic Sounds on Bell Road in Kingston and operated it through the 1990s. Now via VP Records Byron Lee & The Dragonaires present Uptown Top Ranking. A selection of 20 rare recordings from the extensive Dynamic Sounds catalog, this compilation of classics features tracks demonstrating why Byron Lee was the most influential recording artist in the Caribbean for over 50 years! This compilation is available on CD and limited edition clear double vinyl in gate-fold packaging.

    You can pick up Uptown Top Ranking on Amazon now, by clicking HERE.


    The Selecter – Subculture
    Release Date: June 15th

    Following the re-launch of The Selecter back in 2011 by 2-Tone veterans and the original front pair, Pauline Black and Gaps Hendrickson , The Selecter has now released their new studio album, Subculture. Today, the music they make is still rooted in ska, punk and reggae, however now the group has a horn section helping to fill out The Selecter sound.

    The title of their latest album as explained by the band refers to the 2 Tone movement’s enduring ability to unite disparate tribes into a loosely knit collective, one that shares similar ideals and experiences. The group continues on by explaining: These days it’s not just Punks, Rude Boys or Mods who rally to their cause, but a global demographic that’s eager to hear music which stands for something, and has a message.

    Out on June 15 the record contains 12 tracks including a cover of the Bruce Springsteen/Patti Smith classic “Because The Night” Subculture’ will be released on CD, 12” Heavyweight Vinyl and Digital.

    You can pick up Subculture on Amazon now, by clicking <HERE.


    The Expanders – Hustling Culture
    Release Date: June 16th

    The Expanders’ new record Hustling Culture, released June 16th, 2015 on Easy Star Records is the band’s third studio album and their first release to claim the #1 spot on the Billboard Reggae Chart. The Los Angeles-based quintet have been making reggae fans and critics take note with their refreshing sound and modern take of the 70’s reggae ‘golden era’ sound. A full length containing 12 tracks, Hustling Culture includes appearances by organist Roger Rivas of The Aggrolites as well as keyboardist Dan Hastie of Orgone. Limiting the featured guests on this record was a conscious decision for The Expanders, preferring instead to make a record that is all them.

    With its #1 debut on the reggae chart, Hustling Culture proves that all styles of reggae are being represented in today’s diverse scene. Their hard work, dynamic shows, and deep-rooted knowledge of the history of the genre, make them a must see act says Easy Star Records CEO Eric Smith. He adds, Furthermore, the critical and commercial response for this release proves how much potential this band has and we are confident they will only grow from here.

    You can pick up Hustling Culture on Amazon now, by clicking HERE.


    Bag of Toys – Eating Monsters
    Release Date: June 23rd

    On Tuesday, June 23rd, Wilmington, NC based Bag of Toys dropped their 5th studio album and follow up to 2011’s Access 10. With a style described as laid back surf-rock sound with some subtle reggae influences this new album, titled Eating Monsters, features 16 original tracks.

    You can pick up Eating Monsters on Amazon now, by clicking Here.


    Ky-Mani Marley – Maestro
    Release Date: June 30th

    Ky-Mani Marley, the second youngest son of Jamaican royalty Bob Marley, has released a new album titled Maestro. The Ky-Mani Marley sound is one that transcends cultural lines in his 6th studio album. The record balances roots-reggae sounds with modern touches, blending dub bases with elements of hip-hop and R&B. Featuring 17 tracks Maestro also includes features from Damian Marley, Matisyahu, Gentleman and Kreesha Turner.

    You can pick up Maestro on Amazon now, by clicking HERE.


    G. Love and Special Sauce – Sweet ‘N Blues EP
    Release Date: June 30th

    Just over a year ago, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut record, the original lineup of G. Love & Special Sauce reunited and returned to record and release Sugar. Now to follow the trio’s 9th LP, with a new a new full length recorded, G. Love and Special Sauce have released a new EP.

    After digging through the vaults of last years Sugar recordings the band has put together some of the best outtakes on a limited edition Vinyl and digital release. Out via Brushfire Records this new 6 song EP from the Sugar sessions is called Sweet ‘N Blues and will be available on limited edition 10″ vinyl, and all digital outlets..

    You can pick up Sweet ‘N Blues on Amazon now, by clicking HERE.


    Slightly Stoopid – Meanwhile…Back At The Lab
    Release Date: June 30th

    On June 30th, 2015, Slightly Stoopid will release their 8th studio album titled Meanwhile…Back at the Lab via the group’s own Stoopid Records. The album includes 14 total tracks with a title and album cover that’s a reference to the band’s collective escape from touring and home life at their San Diego warehouse studio (The Lab at Stoopid Studios), where they have been working on numerous creative and collaborative projects. The new album was recorded at the band’s studio; as well as at Platinum Sound, NYC; Rivas Studios, L.A.; Mixdown Town LBC, Long Beach, CA; and was self-produced by the band along with The Lab’s in-house maestro James Wisner. Featured among these tracks are collaborations with Beardo and Angela Hunte, as well as a new version of an older Stoopid song titled “The Prophet”. They brought their friend and former Sublime and Long Beach Dub All-Stars alum, Marshall ‘Ras MG’ Goodman in to produce the remake.

    Read more about the album by clicking HERE!

    You can pick up Meanwhile…Back At The Lab on Amazon now, by clicking HERE.


    311 – The Archive
    Release Date: June 30th

    This summer marks 25 years that 311 has been a band! As a result, we will see 311 release several special products in the next year. This month the band will release the highly anticipated project aptly titled The Archive. A 311 box-set this highly anticipated release contains 80 tracks, including unreleased songs, b-sides, bonus tracks, pre-production recordings and demos. Also included with this collect of tracks is a 60-page book. Full of rare photos, flyers, memorabilia, and artifacts from the bands personal collection spanning 1992 – 2014, this compilation is any 311 collectors dream.

    You can pick up The Archive on Amazon now, by clicking HERE.


    Article By: Aaron Solomon