Kabaka Pyramid Recounts His Grammy Win For “The Kalling”

Kabaka Pyramid Recounts His Grammy Win For “The Kalling”

Kabaka Pyramid took the industry by storm this year and in the process nabbed his first-ever Grammy Award for “Best Reggae Album” for his new album “The Kalling”. Kabaka’s success is long-time deserved with his commitment to his roots, reggae culture.

Kabaka Pyramid Recounts His Grammy Win For “The Kalling”

Kabaka’s win comes almost 2 decades later of being in the music industry, and his commitment to music has paid off. The 15-track album topped at number 13 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart in October last year. This masterpiece collection contains collaborations with legends Buju Banton, Jemere Morgan, Tifa, Protoje and Jesse Royal.

In an exclusive interview with The Pier Kabaka recounted his Grammy win stating:

“I was just trying to hold my composure because I couldn’t believe it, he chuckled. “I’m still getting used to being introduced as Grammy award-winning and it is still unreal to me, you know? It’s such an honor and such a privilege and I just was so thankful to everybody that’s been a part of the process all the years I’ve been doing music. Especially Damian, who put his faith and belief in what I do. He supported me for these last few years doing two albums and just a nice culmination of all the work we’ve been doing.”

“The Kalling” is the second album by Kabaka Pyramid, one of the leaders of the roots-reggae revival that emerged in Jamaica 10 years ago. Kabakas’s first album “Kontraband”, was released in 2018 which catapulted his success. That set was also largely produced by Marley who has helped guide the career of Kabaka Pyramid who has toured the United States with the Marley’s
and American band Rebelution.

When asked what separated “The Kalling” from other Reggae albums nominated this year Kabaka said:

“I just feel like it’s an honest album. It’s like every song we did, we did it from scratch. It’s not like we’re trying to run down any modern song or what’s popping right now in music. We just made music from our hearts. I feel that’s what people love and the sound quality, the production quality, and everything was refreshing. I really know you know just the overall package with the songwriting, the lyrics, the message, everything. It’s my first nomination and I just feel honored and overjoyed.”

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Story by: Suzanne Sanchez and Interview By: Allie Adams