Kaleo Wassman & David Foral Release The First Ever Reggae-Rock NFT

Kaleo Wassman & David Foral Release The First Ever Reggae-Rock NFT

A “Brand New Day” was ushered in as history was made on April 16th, 2021 when the first ever Reggae-Rock NFT was dropped that comes with visual art created by David Foral (of Dirty Heads) while Kaleo Wassman (of Pepper) performs an exclusive Ukulele version of the song, “Brand New Day”.

“Brand New Day” was the second single off Pepper’s 2019 release of Local Motion and was actually co-produced by Left Coast Sound which is a production duo that includes producer Jungle Josh as well as David Foral. So when it came to collaborating over an NFT it just made sense for Kaleo & David to choose a song they previously worked together on for a Ukulele version paired with new art.

Kaleo tells The Pier: “David & I have known each-other for decades and it’s really such a pleasure to be able to take our business relationship to new heights.”

So what is an NFT? It stands for Non-Fungible Token and it’s best summed up as a Unique Digital Asset. “NFTs can be collected, traded and sold. Technology provides a smart contract that verifies ownership of each piece of art,” David tells The Pier. And if you understand how the stock market works and you understand how collecting and trading something like baseball cards or even vinyl works, then you’re well on your way to understanding NFTs.

In the eyes of many, owning Digital Assets is where the evolution of the digital era is going. 20-25 years ago people thought it was taboo to have an online dating profile or to even make a purchase from an online store. Then it was crazy to have a Myspace profile, right? Well then everyone and their moms, dads, grandparents & even pets created a Facebook profile. Then we all gravitated toward the shift of technology with phone apps, starting with Instagram and everyone wanting the blue check-mark while teenage kids are becoming celebrities via Tik Tok. Now, folks are owning digital assets in the form of NFTs that are available on the Blockchain technology with crypto-currency which requires setting up a crypto-wallet. We recommend the Meta-Mask wallet and you can learn how to set yours up, step-for-step, at DavidForal.com

As more people enter the NFT space, just like how more people began trading & collecting vinyl, the value & demand for these NFTs are expected to sky-rocket. Just 5-6 years ago, very few folks in the reggae-rock community were collecting vinyl like they are now and you could walk into a record store to buy a copy of Dirty Heads’ Phantoms album for under $20. Now that everyone has joined the community of collecting vinyl, that same Phantoms album on wax that you could previously buy for under $20, five years ago, is now selling for $1,000, used, on Discogs.

NFTs may very well be the next community that fans will gravitate towards, especially as their favorite artist or band starts offering exclusive items to go with your Unique Digital Asset, or NFT. It wont be long before bands will start releasing exclusive NFT Concert Posters that may come with VIP Passes or like what Kings of Leon did by releasing their album as an NFT that came with tangible deliverables.

One of the best perks of NFT’s is when you buy an NFT from an Artist, lets say its an Exclusive Concert Poster NFT that you bought for $50. If you decide to resell that digital concert poster a couple years later to another collector for $200 because the demand went up, the original artist or band will still receive a % of that sale and every sale in perpetuity. Whereas if you bought a Phantoms vinyl for $20 and then resold it for $1,000, the artist or band only makes money off the initial sale, but now with NFT’s they receive a % of every subsequent sale for the life of the NFT.

Only 10 copies of the original “Brand New Day” NFT were made available on April 16th. 7 sold right away as 3 currently remain, and once these sell-out, future collectors will search far and wide to own the first ever reggae-rock NFT. You can view and purchase the original “Brand New Day” NFT at DavidForal.com/NFT

On May 28th, 2021 an Animated Version of the Brand New Day NFT will be made available, marking it as the first ever Animated Reggae-Rock NFT that is a 1 of 1 purchase. The art, designed by David Foral, is animated as the trees wave and the coin walks to the exclusive ukulele version of Pepper’s “Brand New Day.”

When you purchase the Animated Brand New Day NFT on May 28th, you will receive deliverables that include a 30min Virtual Lesson to learn how to play “Brand New Day” on Ukulele, taught by Kaleo. You’ll also receive handwritten “Brand New Day” lyric sheet, signed by Kaleo, as well as video of Kaleo recording the “Brand New Day” NFT. Plus, a signed Kala KA-15s Ukulele will be sent out to the sole buyer of this Animated NFT that will be available at Davidforal.com/NFT

Since April 16th, we’ve seen NFT drops from Morgan Heritage, Chali 2na, Indubious and even Tom Brady announced he’s launching an NFT company called Autograph that will bring together some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment, fashion and pop culture to work with creators to develop unique digital collectibles.

You still have time to grab the first ever Reggae-Rock NFT at DavidForal.com/NFT.

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Article By: Mike Patti