KASH’D OUT “Butter” (Album Review)

KASH’D OUT “Butter” (Album Review)


KASH’D OUT "Butter" Album Review

KASH’D OUT “Butter” Album Review

The Florida boys are killing it again! Kash’d Out new album Butter displays their diversity and mission into their own music path. The band has remained steadfast to originality, and we can say there is no one that compares. The group is evolving, revealing different sides to them. This is something that is so alluring about them. Butter is the perfect pick me up, feel-good positive collective of music we are all looking for, so needed in this time.
The album kicks off with “Highway Robbery” clearly one of my favorites! The 2nd track “Make A Little Love” is jazzy rocking vibe, and yes sexy as hell! These gents hold nothing back in that department! “Extrasensory” is lyrically genius and the vibe is on point. Their signature sound is amplified so brilliantly!
“Dirty Mind” (Feat. Pepper), and “Just Friends” (Feat. Shwayze) gives us their flirty lyrics and smooth groove, again exudes sex appeal big time, loving this and the collaborations are too hot!

“Whiskey and Weed” heads the charge in good times, and we are following their lead! It’s so catchy and energizing.

“Way To High for This”, I think this song is light and so much fun! I think we have all experienced this. “I Got This”, allows us to see the softer side. It explores human emotions and connections, and the realization that nothing is perfect we all go through our stuff.

Since their signing to Law Records, their momentum has yet to slow down. Kash’d Out’s music is nothing short of an accomplishment, derived from their drive and determination. This has been inspiring to watch them grow musically, and truly this is why I write about it.

The album has a collection that delves more into our daily life’s struggles, and the simple things we should appreciate.

The uniqueness of their lyrics and sound keeps me listening to them all the time,
everyday! Am I obsessed? Probably, but this is a positive obsession and I think a lot of us “music addicts” cannot go without it! Try them out you will love the vibe!
The band is heading out on the road for the Butter the World tour, their stage presence is beyond so you will not want to miss this event coming to a city near you!


Review by: Suzanne Sanchez