Kash’d Out Talks About Life, Touring Along with Their New Song “Dirty Mind” With Kaleo of Pepper

Kash’d Out Talks About Life, Touring Along with Their New Song “Dirty Mind” With Kaleo of Pepper

Kash'd Out joins Rebel Hippies Show

Creating an unstoppable momentum, Orlando’s own Kash’d Out released their newest single today, “Dirty Mind,” a collab with Kaleo Wassman of Pepper! They also took some time from the road  to talk with The Pier’s own Suzanne Sanchez about touring, life and *spoiler alert* the new album!

Back in August and just fresh from their recent Highway Robbery Tour, the guys — Jackson Hauserman (Guitar), Greg Sheilds (Vocals, Guitar), Joey Browhawn (Bass), and Marshall Hern (Drums) from the band called Suzanne post-show. Here is the full interview:

The Pier SS– You guys are on tour right now The Highway Robbery Tour. Any crazy shenanigans since the beginning of your tour?

Greg- At the beginning of this tour on the first night, we were driving on the highway, and we ended up in a ditch. A car had ran us off the road with the rig. But were fine, it was scarier more than anything else. We also busted an air bag on our bus. But everything was easy, honestly. But then Jackson had to rerig our whole electrical system (haha). Yeah, in my eyes he is a certified mechanic.

The Pier SS– With the current tour and more to come, it looks like you guys are all over the country, do you ever stop touring?

Joey– We are trying not to. Listen, I’ve got the best bed in the world, it’s a big sacrifice for me to be out on the road. I got stuffed animals on it, so trust me I love my bed. But I must get out and play and do something positive in this world. Like you said.

The Pier SS:– fav place to play?

Greg- In Belview, CO. It’s called the Mishawaka Amphitheatre. It’s a beautiful place has a river running right behind and around the stage. It’s in the mountains and there’s no reception– paradise, just music and nature.

The Pier SS:– Aside from the recent story, do you guys have any more crazy touring stories?

Greg-Last year Covid was on its tail end. But we ended up contracting Covid the first week of the tour. The whole band had to quarantine in Texas. We camped in a bunch of places we’re not supposed to camp. The cops didn’t like that. They raided our bus and took all our weed. They even grabbed Marshall’s junk!

The Pier SS:– OMG that’s insane!

Greg- No arrests were made, and we gave him our CD. I tried to tell the cops we had Covid, look man we all got Covid. Law enforcement didn’t care. So, I am sure they ended up getting covid.

The Pier SS: So, covid hit and demolished the music industry for a while. Was it jolting for you guys?

Jackson- I’m going pass this on to Joey.

Joey– Hi there, I’m also smoking a joint. (haha).

Before Covid hit, we were in a pretty good spot. We had three of the best support tours we’ve ever had, one bigger than the next. We were like sweet, all these great tours, and do a headliner and really see how many fans we’ve gotten. But then Covid hit, and it slowed things down. In a way, in the beginning, it was nice we finally take a month break to relax for the first time in 5 years. But after the second month we became tired of it, so we had to adapt to it like you saw so many others had to. More live streaming, different types of content, we adapted.

The Pier SS: Did you guys get any writing done, and music projects?

Joey- We did, we wrote an album during this time.

The Pier SS- Incredible! I know this time has been hard on musicians and of some unfortunately have not returned to music; it sucks. I’m glad you guys came out of it good still staying strong.

Joey-Yeah, I know and during this time a lot of smaller bands lost opportunities to go to their first festival and stuff like that. There’s an actual real stunt in growth for the smaller bands. I feel like we got lucky and made it over that gap. There’s a lot of smaller bands that are like starting over again, that tough.

The Pier SS– Tell me about music that has influenced your musical style?

Greg- We play a lot of reggae festivals so our friends’ bands we look up to have influenced us.

Jackson- Sublime, and Weezer. Joey and I listen to a lot of Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. I think with the album we have coming out we took more chances than we have before in the past. We think it paid off we are happy with the new album it’s our favorite stuff. I think you hear a little more of the influences that don’t necessarily come straight from the reggae book.

Jackson- Oh we love metal too. I listen to metal across the gambit. Joey and I listen to Slip Not, Trivium, and a lot of thrash, Rage Against the Machine. Our sound guy just got off tour with Dying Fetus.

The Pier SS– I’m totally a metal head and I love your music! I mean anyone can be attracted to your music it’s that good! I love how you’re pulling different fans in with your vibe, your style and your music. How many albums do you guys have so far?

Jackson- 4 albums, and one on the way.

The Pier SS– What’s this new album about?

Greg-We can’t tell you yet.

The Pier SS– Thought I’d try (haha).

The Pier SS– Do you feel this is the best and fav album, the one you’re putting out soon.

Jackson– For sure!

The Pier SS– Couple songs I’m hooked on. I know everyone has different perspectives when they vibe with your music and lyrics can be interpreted differently by everyone. Can you tell me about the song “Highway Robbery”, how was it inspired?

Jackson- The song was inspired by the difficulties we have had as a band. Life on the road and feeling like you’re dodging obstacles. Even though it can be tough, you should never slow down, or even stopping doesn’t feel like a viable option. Like we just face things head on. We are like ok, how are we going to roll with this? What Greg was saying earlier, like being driven off the road, had some mechanical issues, instead of getting bogged down with stuff we know we got to deal with it and make it better. Dealing with personalities at times within the music industry can be very trying at times.  But all of the hard work it pays off.

The Pier SS– Btw I’m addicted to your music. Started listening to “Highway Robbery” listened to that 10x straight. Then jumped on your video “Way too High for This” and laughed my ass off such a great song and video was hilarious! Then I tapped into the song “So blessed” I absolutely loved this. So positive there is a lot of good vibes in all your music. And “So Blessed” I completely resonated with this in my own personal life.  Who’s the mastermind in the writing?

Jackson– So that would be Greg.

Greg- It’s not just me. It doesn’t sound like Kash’d Out until we have all jumped on the track. Conceptually it’s a lot of myself, Jackson, and Nick. We kind of get it started then we bring in Joey and Marshall when it’s time. They put their spin on the songs. As of lately, we incorporated that a lot earlier in the process of the song. It’s not a Kash’d Out song until we are playing it. I can write a song without these guys, but I can’t write a Kash’d Out song without them.

The Pier SS– Tell us more about Kash’d Out! Who inspired you to become a musician?

Greg– A lot of things inspired me to play. Sorry I’m coughing, I’m smoking a joint right now.

The Pier SS -haha that’s great! I love it!

Greg- Blink 182, musically inspired me to play.  I was trying to be a drummer, and that was not working out. Then I started listening to a lot of 90s R&B so that kind of influenced my melodies for my vocals and here we are. As for Joey, he’s influenced by music that I probably can’t pronounce.  Jackson is influenced by Slightly Stoopid, Marshall’s all over the place too.

Marshall- My father really inspired me, and he really got me started. Like I was a terrible musician when I was 4, but I was trying. My dad really got me going, he played guitar. He needed a drummer, and he says let’s see if you can play drums. So that’s what I was good, and I stuck to it.

The Pier SS– Wow how inspiring, full-on genetics. How did you guys meet?

Jackson- Greg was running a studio in Orlando, FL. I was playing guitar for a client he had at the studio, so I was kind of messing around while we were recording. I was playing reggae riffs. He had written for Ballyhoo. So, he noticed I was playing reggae-esk kind of guitar we started talking about that. We decided we would start a band. Joey was next up to join. Joey and I have been playing in a band since we were 13 years old. Joey was a natural fit for the band. He moved down here from Maryland where we are both from, to play bass. Greg said he knew this guy that would be willing to play drums and he hit him up. We were then looking for a keyboard player and we found Nick in Georgia. He also moved down here to Orlando, Florida to play Keys for us. It’s just a great fit.

The Pier SS– How long have you guys been together? Do all you guys live in Orlando now, and together?

Jackson– 8 years. And three of us live together.

The Pier SS– That’s Great! I worked with a lot of bands back in the day pre-grad school. A lot the bands I worked with had trouble trying to just stay together, trying to stay cohesive. Do you find hard sometimes trying to agree and stay on the same page? How do you guys come together with that? I mean my twin sister and I share an office together and we can drive each crazy so I can only imagine {haha}

Jackson- Well yeah so it’s like having 4 other twin sisters!

The Pier SS– OMG, you guys must be like a band of brothers.

Jackson– We get along well. We butt heads sometimes, but I think that comes with part of the territory. Living in close quarters for months and months at a time. All that being considered as far as bands go, we get along very well but also, we have a common goal. I don’t see our lineup changing anytime soon.

The Pier SS– Your vibes are very similar to each other, so no ego monsters I’ve seen bands break up because of egos. That’s great to see you all have such positive energy!

The Pier SS– Do you guys have girlfriends?

Marshall, Greg, Joey, Jackson- Most of now most of us are single now.

The Pier SS– Well I understand, it’s hard-to-find people who can be agreeable to the music life, and vibe with that right? You are giving the music a lot of your time.

Greg– I think it’s taking a certain kind of person and trust is big. Lack of presence in the relationship can be difficult. It requires a lot of understanding, and you can’t make any plans at all.

The Pier SS– I bet it’s also hard because music is always in your head. For me, it’s stuck in there not going anywhere music and writing is my obsession. All day long 24-7

Joey– And then you go to sleep

The Pier SS– and then you dream about it!

Marshall, Jackson, Joey, and Greg– Yes!

The Pier SS– Your Message..…

Jackson- Life shouldn’t be so serious all the time

Marshall- the music is relatable we hope that people can enjoy it and love what we are doing.

Greg– We want people to have a good time when we are playing.

Joey– I love you.

Kash’d Out, the east coast boys of Reggae-Rock first full length album The Hookup (2017) was the catalyst of their success and hit #2 on iTunes and Billboard Reggae Charts. The progression of their music and their momentum continues to build a significant platform with their music, and message of perseverance keeps you coming back for more. They’ve shared the stage with the baddest bands in the reggae scene including Pepper, Less Than Jake, The Expendables, Ballyhoo, Iration are only a few to name.

Their music is so additive and positive it’s just what we need today!

By Suzanne Sanchez